Tuesday, January 02, 2018


For the past year or so I've not put much on to my blog, partly due to a focus on other writing, partly due to a waning interest in blogging, but mostly due to difficulties with  my health.  It seemed like everything I did took twice as much energy, like I had weights attached to me. 
Just the idea of sitting down to write something felt like contemplating a marathon, and it just took the life out of me.  So I haven't done much and for over six months wrote nothing on either this or my writing blog Inscribed.
However, I am feeling some better now, and have a bit of a break in writing to work on illustrations, so I plan on putting more focus onto Word Around the Net.  I know its been an awful long time now and likely people aren't even looking here any longer, but for those who do or have the feed, its out here still.
I plan at least one post a month, and more as things arise.  If you saw the "drafts" portion of my blog you'd see I have about ten things started up but not written very far, ideas that came to me and I "jotted down" as it were notes and links to pick up later.  So I have plenty to get going with, but I don't mean to make it a job like I did at the start, forcing three or more posts a day five to six days a week.
I hope you'll stick around and see, there's quite a lot out there to think about.


vanderleun said...

Well, I for one, always check. Glad you are feeling better.

Maetenloch said...

And I still read your blog so you've got that going for you :-) Glad you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you online again. A lot of meaningful stuff on your blog to read.

I didn't know you were ill, but it's grand to have you back.

JoelT said...

Everyday I check, so I'll be happy to have updates to read. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back and feeling better. I always enjoy reading your posts. Can't even remember how I found your blog years ago but so happy I did!

J Motes said...

I, too, am glad to see you writing for us again. I have been reading your site for probably 10 years, and I was truly sorry to think that your long absence was really a good-by. Your essays are enlightening and thoughtful, and I always enjoy reading your work. I am glad you are feeling better!