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"America has a problem with fake hate crimes. The Left is always searching for the next big outrage, and sometimes when the pressure gets too high, they just decide to make them up."
--Milo Yiannopoulos
The year in fake hate crimes was as bad as last year.  Although 2016's storm of fakes after the November general election slowed, there was a steady flow through the year to the point that I'm not sure any real ones took place.  So here we go, starting out with a few revealed in 2017 to have been faked in 2016:
  • A woman claimed that several weeks after the election, she was scratched in the face as part of a wave of hate crimes following Trump being elected, but in March in court finally pled guilty to having scratched her own face and then filed a fake crime report.
  • Another from last year, a menorah that had been bent and twisted into a swastika in December.  White Supremacists, likely Trump supporters, were accused widely.  In March, police arrested three young black men for doing the crime.
  • Again in November last year, a girl goes national news claiming evil Trump voters taped hateful signs to her college dorm door at North Park University.  University officials looked into it, and found that she had done it herself.  She had by that point dropped out of college.
  • In December of last year, a message reading "Heil Trump" was found spraypainted on the side of an Indiana church along with a swastika and an anti-homosexual slur..  After investigation, police arrest the church's own organist, who claims it was done to "start a movement" after being fearful and disappointed in the Trump victory.
  • Racist messages spray painted on Eastern Michigan University buildings by a white supremacist spurs a 1080 hour investigation.  More than 60 people were interviewed and a reward of $10,000 was offered. More than 1,200 hours of video from more than 100 campus cameras were reviewed, as well as video from nearby businesses. In addition, nearly 20 search warrants were executed.  They found that a black guy was responsible in October of this year.  Probably it took that long because they kept refusing any evidence that led in that direction.
  • Phone calls last year to the Richmond Virginia City Council by a "redneck" threatening various blak council members ended up with a meeting being canceled.  After a very long investigation police finally revealed that a black council member was the one behind the calls.
  • January, a student claims that someone painted hateful and threatening messages on his college dorm door.  The messages read "Sand ni**er go home," "muslimban" and "Die," but when college authorities dug into the story more, you guessed it: he did it himself.
  • January, a black woman is pulled over by a state trooper.  She later accuses the man of making racial slurs toward her after giving her a ticket.  Unknown to the woman, the entire stop was recorded, and she was arrested for making a false accusation.
  • February, a woman claims that a white man threatened to set her ablaze if she did not remove her hijab while brandishing a lighter, the evil Muslim hater.  Subsequent investigation revealed that it was nonsense.
  • February, at Concordia University, an email was received warning that a bomb would go off on campus targeting "Moslem" students during Muslim Awareness Week.  The email claimed to be from C4: the Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada.  The email was easily tracked to Muslim lebanese student Hisham Saadi.
  • March at Adolphus College, this flier showed up on campus:
  • Roundly denounced as "white hate crime" and an act of evil, later it was revealed to have been a stunt by hard left "Diversity Leadership Council" group on campus as an 'experiment'
  • March, a homosexual man accuses a 50 year old white man of shouting racial slurs at him, flipping him off, and 'kicking him in the stomach' out of nowhere.  Police investigate and find that no one in the area remembers it going that way in the entire crowd and find no evidence of such accused events.
  • March, a Muslim man at ISU claims he had received anti-Muslim threats and insults in email and later was jumped from behind by men who knocked him down.  Police investigated, could find no supporting evidence and no one in the area remembers anything of the sort.  They dismissed the event and arrested the man for making a false report.
  • March, a man is finally arrested after a six month spree of bomb threats against Jewish Centers across the United States, and one Delta Airlines flight.  The FBI investigation finally led to a Jewish man in Israel, and the Israeli police followed it up.
  • March, another man is busted for bomb threats to Jewish Centers across America.  This time the arrest is a former reporter for the web news site The Intercept who had been fired for making up details about news stories.  The man was an anti-Trump Communist named Juan.
  • March, a Jewish man's home is vandalized with a swastika, prompting social media outcry and a police investigation.  You know where this is going, yes the man did it himself.
  • Over several weeks, images of gravestones in a Jewish cemetery that were tipped over swept across the internet, prompting disgust and sadness at this crime.  However, it was eventually revealed that... the graves were very old and the stones fell over naturally by themselves in the soft ground.
  • April, Charlotte, police investigate a hate crime against a Muslim shop owner who got a hateful letter signed "white America" and a small fire started at the shop.  After a few days of detective work, police arrest a black man caught on video tape leaving the letter and lighting the fire.
  • April, police arrest a man for a series of threatening, racist, graphic letters sent to the black daughter of prominent pastor.  Six letters were sent, but police discovered that the writer was a black man angry at the ower of a body shop, and posed as the owner to get him in trouble.
  • April, a black college student found a racist note on her car, calling her a racial slur and stating they were glad she was leaving the college.  Investigation found that it had been printed out by... her.  As she admitted on social media.
  • May, a Mosque in Iowa has a small fire break out on the carpet.  Police are called in to investigate this hate crime.  CNN claims that police have "confirmed" that the fire was lit by a "Trump-inspired white nationalist."  A Muslim member of the mosque is later arrested for faking it, apparently to "make a statement" again.
  • May, a Pakistani man claims that in Queens NY a group of men in ski masks accosted him, pulled him into a van, beat him, robbed him, and called him racial slurs, telling him to "get out of the country."  He later admitted that he'd made the whole thing up.
  • June, a Muslim teen's body is found in a pond,  dead.  Immediate cries of anti-Muslim hate violence erupt on social media, but police soon discover that it was the result of an argument, and have arrested a  hispanic man, causing all hate crime claims to vanish and police to declare the event not hatey at all.
  • August, a white man in his 50s is arrested for insulting and punching a Muslim in the face in a washroom.  The police later let the man free as the entire incident had been"exaggerated" by the Muslim in question.
  • August, concerns about a "noose" tied to the back of a city truck are reported in Oakland.
  • September, West Chester high school students receive death threats and racial slurs, following student claims of racial attacks in the halls (as well as claims that "batteries were thrown at them" but no video shows any supporting evidence).  It is found out that a black student was responsible, so the school rushed out to state that it was not racist in nature.
  • October, a spray painted swastika is found on a University of Maryland college campus, and after an investigation found that yes, it was a black man who was responsible.
  • November, a car found spraypainted with racist slogans and "whites only."  after a week of investigation, the black man himself admitted he'd spraypainted his own car as a "Halloween prank."  A week into November. 
  • November, a Cadet that had been targeted by anti-black racist statements on a whiteboard is expelled when it is found that, yes, he had written them himself.
  • November, Parkway Central High School students find a mirror with "White Lives Matter ni**er" scrawled on it.  The school looks into this and discovers that it was... not a white person who wrote it.  The school insists that this doesn't matter.
  • November, a spree of vandalism  attacking black-predominant churches in New Jersey breaking displays and stained glass windows.  Widely denounced as a hate crime, the video surveillance reveals that it was a black man perpetrating the crimes.
  • December it is revealed that the vandalism of a black sailor's bed and racist slurs scrawled on his goods were done by... himself, as he later admitted.
Like last year, there was a ton of these incidents, especially near the end of the year.  And as always, I want to emphasize that I think the "Hate Crime" its self designation is spurious and Orwellian.  And next year there will be several alleged crimes sitting out there right now that will be revealed as fake.
This is part of the Faux Hate series.

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