Wednesday, December 31, 2014


The main Faux Hate theme of the end of 2014 was rape hysteria on colleges, with several notable and high profile false accusations of rape in the news.  Cases as far back as 2013 were revealed to have been faked, but the "College Rape Epidemic" story was pushed hard by the Obama administration and various news organizations.
  • February 2014, a family has a "tie die party" and the mother of one of the children writes a letter, saying her child will not attend due to dislike of their "lifestyle."  Social media and blogs went wild.  Turns out it was.. you guessed it: fake, created by a radio show which later claims it was only to "start a conversation."
  • October 2014, a man cries racist at an Asian man wearing a "cholo" costume for Halloween and is disregarded by her target.   Later, he claims to have gotten death threats on social media, but later admits that they were faked.  He claims that he only did it to "raise awareness."
  • November, 2014: The most infamous was the Rolling Stone's idiotic "Jackie" story which was contradictory and falling apart even as it was reported on.  But it was too good a story to pass up, and eventually it was revealed that the writer Sabrina Rubin Eardly had a story written and just was looking for a victim to highlight.
  • December 2014, a set of several black cardboard cutouts and manikins hung in effigy on the UC Berkeley campus.  Police investigated and found... you guessed it, on the nation's most radically leftist campus, it was a group of "queer activists and POC" that did it, trying to draw attention to acts of evil in the past.
  • December, 2014; A Muslim student at University of Michigan finds his home vandalized by three women pelting his door with eggs and leaving hateful messages behind.  Right wing hate by anti-immigrant bigots is blamed.  The perpetrators end up being angry leftists who didn't like his newspaper columns.
This is part of the Faux Hate Crime series.

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