Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Some of the fake hate crimes listed in this year weren't resolved until the following year, such as the Emma Sulkowitz "Mattress Girl" case.
  • 2013, a black minister in Virgina has his house spray painted with racial slurs and the porch and his car set on fire.  Later it is revealed he did it to his own house to draw attention and funds because he could not afford to pay rent.
  • 2013, a black server gets back a receipt with the words "no tip, nigger" on it and goes on TV and national news for rudeness and a racial slur.  She gets ten grand in donations from a paypal account set up before the news goes big, but people notice the writing isn't like the rest on the receipt.  In fact, it matches her own writing, and it turns out she did it.
  • 2013, in the fall semester at Vassar College saw an amazing increase in the incidents reported to the Vassar Bias Incident Response Team.  Spraypainted messages such as "Hey, tranny, know your place" were reported, a total of six reports in all.  They were actually done by a pair of students who then reported them as attacks on themselves, and apologized later.
  • 2013, a lesbian server gets a receipt with the words  "I'm sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle."  She sets up a paypal account too and NBC runs the story.  She ends up with $ in donations but photographic evidence shows that the family did tip and when confronted, the woman hems and haws and backs away.  Seriously, how would they know what her lifestyle was like anyway, and why is this news?  They were even polite about it.
  • 2013: A girl visits UC Santa Cruz and reports that she was brutally beaten and raped while looking for banana slugs on campus at a LBQT conference.  It turns out she deliberately sought someone on Craigslist to beat her and have sex with her so she'd have "evidence" for the story.
  • 2013: A girl calls friends reporting a rape by 3 youths, one perhaps as young as 16 at Union College in New York.  Police later see footage of the girl completely untouched and unharmed call her friends then hide in the bushes until they arrive.
  • 2013: Emma Sulkowitz claims she was brutally raped by a boy she thought was her boyfriend and carries a mattress around campus to highlight her plight, since the college campus won't protect her.  It turns out the sex was consensual, that she'd stalked the guy, and then when he wouldn't hook up again, she started to yell rape.
  • 2013: Oberlin College, a report of a KKK member wearing their goofy "ghost" white costume walking around on campus spreads.  The college has a "Day of Solidarity" so traumatized snowflakes can get over a costume, but when police investigate they cannot find anything on any cameras or eyewitness reports.  The nearest possible source of this report: a girl walking around wrapped in a blanket.
This is part of the Faux Hate Crime Series.

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