Saturday, December 31, 2011


This the first year of Hate Crimes rounded up for the Faux Hate Crime series is an annual report.  Each year, a list of the faked hate crimes that came up during the year -- ones I was able to find, that is -- to show what is going on out there.
  • 2011, Seaholme High School in Birmingham Michigan. Racist notes were slipped into lockers and "the nigger must be lynched" is found spraypainted on the boys bathroom wall. Authorities find it was a black student who did it.
  • 2011, a black student claims cops harassed and beat him out of bigotry, and is found to be lying. Admitting it was all a hoax later, said he made up the story to highlight unequal treatment under law. He's later cleared in an ethics investigation, proving his point of unequal treatment.
  • 2011, St Cloud Minnesota, another black man claims racist police brutality and later admits he was lying.
  • 2011, U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A student claims he was branded with hot metal because he was gay. Officials later find he made up the story.
  • 2011 a lesbian couple is busted for faking hate messages spraypainted on their garage door and hanging a noose on their door.
  • 2011, a white woman wakes to find a burning cross in her yard. A note is on her door saying "you better not leave that nigger" referring to her upcoming divorce. It was signed "KKK." Police, curious why the Klan would threaten a woman to not leave an interracial marriage discover it was a hoax done by the black man she was planning to divorce.
This is part of the Faux Hate Crime Series.

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