Friday, May 27, 2016


"I only read the comments"

Word Around the Net started 10 years ago.  I've made it through a decade with a little project I started because I was fascinated with the detail, information, and feedback that people left in comments on various blogs.  Often, the main article was not nearly as informative or interesting as the discussion or the things brought up in comments attached to it on a blog.
So that's what WATN was, and where the name came from: comments from blogs all around the internet that I found interesting, including discussions.
Over the years, that changed, and now Word Around the Net is just my thoughts and analysis of events and ideas, but the concept is still very intriguing to me, and I still think its a valid one for a website.  An aggregator of comments that are particularly witty, meaningful, important, informative, or hilarious strikes me as a great idea for a business.
If you can make a business out of twitter conversations as Michelle Malkin did with Twitchy, why not comments?  Alas, I seem to be alone in this thought, and it would take someone with more energy and item to devote to this project to make it happen.
Still, its been interesting.  WATN was building up into a fairly important blog over the years, but I got into it in the tail end of blogging, and things went away after a while.  Having to take a few months off because Google wouldn't let me access my own website didn't help (it was a misunderstanding combined with the bill coming due when I couldn't pay, not some conspiracy).  
I had to change the name of the blog and was unable to put any forwarding info on the old one, losing many readers.  And I lost interest, losing the drive to post several times a day because it all felt and seemed so pointless and frustrating.
So these days I post less frequently, when something occurs to me, I find the time, and can spare the energy.  And I appreciate all the people who come by and read, especially those who check back regularly.

Ten years.  Who'd have thunk it?

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Tina said...

Congratulations on ten years! That is a long time for one project - especially one that you are producing all the content for.

The domain/URL trouble you had really highlights one of the primary unique risks of a web-based business. We are dependent very large companies that do not interact with their customers. So all is well until there is a problem or a miscommunication or a policy change or a glitch. Then it is a roll of the dice every day.

I like your idea about the comments. I learn so much from reading the comment threads on blogs.