Friday, February 12, 2016


I'm doing another giveaway on Goodreads, this time for my Supernatural Horror WW2 novel Life Unworthy!
You can win one of two signed, print copies of this novel starting today and ending on the 22nd of February.
When the gas was delivered to a shower in Birkenau, the soldiers expected death, but what came out of that concrete chamber was far worse. Now the Fuhrer has demanded the monster be tracked down and destroyed, but a German scientist has other ideas for how it may be used for the third Reich. And the Werewolf has plans of his own.
Caught in the middle is the city of Krakow and its citizens striving to survive under the brutal, murderous Nazi regime. In that city is Aniela Wisniewski, a pianist feeding snippets of information to the British. As events unfold, terror spreads over the city with Aniela at its center, a terror racing to an inconceivable conclusion! 
Why would you want a copy?  Here's what reviewers have said:
The characters start becoming individuals, with distinct motivations. They're not just Nazis in lock-step - they've got their own goals and agendas. Some justify themselves with Nietzsche, some just want the next promotion. The werewolf is a true monster, but he's also complicated. We meet the pretty Polish widow, a Romani with secrets. Then there's the weird Romanian guy with a leather trilby over his bald tatted scalp. They're interesting.
Then things get really exciting.
Started reading and didn't put it down. Great history intertwined with regional monster mythology. Christopher obviously worked hard to get the history correct
Dark subject matter but presented in a good way that provoked some interesting thoughts, I thought a couple of times that it would be fun to be in a book club and discuss some of the ideas raised.
Excellent adventure, horror novel set in Kraków early in WWII. The atmosphere of this book was almost another character in the book... The characters are fleshed out. Usually Nazis are portrayed as one dimensional cartoon characters, Mr. Taylor's rendering is more rounded and... complicated adding to the horror of what is being done by people to others. Chilling.
A well researched historical fiction, it offers the harsh reality of living through WWII with the entertainment of a fast moving thriller.
Very entertaining and terrific action propels it to an exciting conclusion, enjoyed it a lot.
Available in print and ebook formats across the internet!