Friday, December 11, 2015


The Old Habits giveaway has ended; congratulations to Debee Pfaff and Hayley Shaver!  I'll try to get the books in the mail by the end of the month.
This went so well that I'm going to be doing it with my other two books as well. 
Old Habits is a fantasy novel, and two winners receive a signed print copy of the book: 
A fortune in lost gems. 
A man on the run from his brothers. 
A dread secret in Castle Dornica. 
Stoce grew up alone on the tough streets of Farport to become an exceptional street thief, but nothing in his life has prepared him for this. Hired for a simple theft, Stoce is now on the run from The Brotherhood. Stalked by deadly assassins in a strange land, Stoce must face an archmage, soldiers, and a host of guards to find the gems he lost. 
But what treacherous plot is unfolding in the castle as he searches, and how does the annoyingly noble paladin Judic fit into this conspiracy? Facing impossible odds and outmatched by dark magic and deadly traps, Stoce uses his stealth and skills to search, to survive, and perhaps to find an even greater treasure.


pdwalker said...

Say, do you have any more books in you?

Christopher R Taylor said...

I'm working on a fourth now, and have plans for at least 3 additional.