Thursday, December 31, 2015


As part of my continuing coverage of faked hate crimes, we look at just the year 2015 this time.  For 2015, the main theme of fake hate crimes were anti-Muslim attacks which turned out to often be by Muslims.  There were even more than the previous year, as the craziness ramped up.

  • February 2015, a Muslim woman at Arlington University claims she was followed on campus by an armed man and threatened at gunpoint, saying it was because of her religion.  Later she admits that the entire story was a lie.
  • February 2015, A Muslim center is given repeated bomb threats by an angry caller.  Police look into it and eventually discover that the culprit is... a Muslim man who was staying at the center. 
  • February 2015, The Spokane NAACP chapter receives a threatening and racist packet of documents in its mailbox.  They hold a rally to fight racism, and later the USPS revealed that they had never gone through the mail system and had to have been put into the mail box by someone at the NAACP office (the woman who made the complaint is the same chapter leader recently revealed to be a white girl masquerading as a black one)
  • May 2015, a Muslim woman complains that while she's on a jet, she requests a can of soda, and is denied it, with the flight attendant saying "You Moslem, you need to shut the f— up.” Since no one is given an unopened can on a plane (the stews pour it for you), this was questioned.  The rest of the passengers on the flight completely contradicted her story
  • June 2015, black churches are terrorized by signs posted, claiming black churches were identified as being "with the devil" and warning blacks that they are targets; the signs claimed to be from the KKK.  The person who posted them was a black activist who put his own phone number on some of the signs. 
  • June 2015, a homosexual man claims he was beaten, forced to drink bleach, and had "die fag" carved into his arm by angry white men in rural Utah.  However police noticed many inconsistencies in his story and eventually he admitted it was self inflicted
  • July 2015, a homosexual bar was burned and had slurs and insults written on the walls.  Later, the owner confessed that he'd done it himself
  • August 2015 this time a video juxtaposition.  Cops pull over some youths, get into a struggle, and are accused of pointless violence simply because the kids are black. A portion of edited video is shown on facebook and the outrage mob cranks up.  But then, the cops release the full body and dash cams which tell a very different story.
  • August 2015, a case is closed by the police.  It started in September 2010, when a lesbian couple's house burnt down.  The police found slurs painted on the property and the couple claimed neighbors did it as a hate crime.  Eventually however, they found that, you guessed it by now... the lesbian couple did it
  • September 2015, University of Delaware students find something hanging from a tree.  A noose, they cry!  Later investigation discovers that the "nooses" are string left over from paper lanterns hung in June.  Undaunted by the lack of nooses and ridiculous charge, students are determined to protest anyway.
  • October 2015, churches with predominantly black worshipers begin having fires set at them, usually harmless minor fires.  Police finally track down and arrest a suspect who is shown to have set at least two of the fires: a 35 year old black man.
  • October 2015, a homosexual claims he was robbed, beaten, stripped, and insulted at a University of North Dakota fraternity.  Police investigated and found no evidence of any such action despite being in public on a college campus filled with students with camera phones.
  • November 2015, Kean University black students begin receiving racially motivated threats on twitter.  Posts such as "i will kill every black male and female at kean university" were investigated by the police who discovered that, you guessed it, one of the black students part of rallies and organizations protesting the racist posts was the one who sent the tweets.
  • December 2015, a Houston mosque bursts into flame on Christmas day, burning down in a two-alarm fire.  Salon posts in a later-edited article "Muslim community members say the attack was a hate crime."  Police later see someone on security cameras with lighter fluid and charcoal light a fire in the mosque, someone who worships at the mosque several times a week and is a devout Muslim
This is part of the Faux Hate series.

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