Monday, August 24, 2015


"Heeere I come to save the day!"
-Mighty Mouse

So I'm commenting on a blog about all sorts of stuff, procrastinating, when the topic of Michelle Obama's fashion sense comes up.  This is always worth some laughs because she's as bad at it as I am, and ought to know better.
I noted that she does look pretty good for someone her age, but that a lot of black women seem to be blessed in this way, that they don't show their age.  Its sort of like Asian women; they stay looking pretty young until a fairly old age.
I got two responses to this. 
From a white guy I got "so they all look the same to you???"
From a black woman I got "yep, you should see my mom!"
Now, its hard to tell often online if someone is being sarcastic or not, but this highlighted a serious problem in American culture as I see it.
The black woman had no problem with what I said, she recognized it as being generally accurate and even possibly complimentary.  Now, she's from Africa, so her attitude isn't quite the same as many American blacks, but her response was very reasonable.  This is a recognized fact.
But the white guy, he had to jump in with both feet and make a declaration protecting black women like a knight in shining armor.  Here's my chance to fight racism!  What you said could in some remotely twisted, vaguely connected way possibly be considered racist if you squint hard enough!  I'll save you, helpless negress!  Its pretty condescending, really.
White Knighting is an online term that refers to someone coming to the defense or rescue of a girl who often isn't even present.  How dare you post that picture of her!  The term is used in a derogatory
way, mocking people as if they are thinking she might like me if I defend her!  Which might have some validity in some cases.
But this could be called Black Knighting, where a white guy leaps to the racist argument and assumes bigotry in cases where a black person goes "yeah, ok."  And it happens a lot in modern culture, with white guys trying to out black everyone around them.  
Its a form of contempt and condescension toward blacks, presuming they need help and protecting.  Its a form of social climbing by trying to be the most concerned and socially aware person in the room.  And its driven largely by the fear that someone will say you're racist, so people are trying to get ahead of it by denouncing someone else first.
We've gotten to the point in our culture where its assumed that everyone else is racist, as long as they are not black, and its just a matter of picking the right point at which to yell the word like a social Bingo game.
The white people are trying to out-outrage blacks when it comes to race now, and until that shifts culturally its only going to get... stupider.

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