Monday, July 06, 2015


“You cannot continue to victimize someone else just because you yourself were a victim once—there has to be a limit” -Edward W. Said

Its sort of odd watching social media and internet discussion (such as it is) any time a controversial situation arises.  Amid the name calling, poor rhetoric, weak logic, and the rest of the detritus is a consistent theme by the left.

You'll see this theme arise often, when someone on the right complains "you're taking away our 1st amendment rights" the left will sneer "oh look who's the big white majority victim."  When this happens, people on the right kind of flail about confused and surprised, because that makes no sense to them.

That's because of a fundamental difference in worldview.  The left thinks of things in terms of oppressor and victim, exclusively.  This fits everywhere and its all they know.  They have that square hole and by George they'll hammer every issue until it fits through there no matter how irrational or bizarre it is.

The environment is about an oppressive Human race abusing and raping the victim earth.

Poverty is the result of oppressor rich people stealing from victim poor.

Racism is an oppressor abusing a victim over ethnic background.

And its essentially childish.  Its the way a little child sees the world: if things go their way, then they get whatever they want.  If they don't then they're a victim and the person preventing it an awful oppressor.  Can't eat another candy bar?  That's not fair!  You are oppressing me.  Told to share with your sister?  Now you're a victim because she gets what you wanted exclusively.

Its the kind of outlook that makes little kids scream and thrash around on the floor, pounding their fists.  Its intellectually immature to an astonishing degree. It lacks, ironically, nuance.  The world is more complex and complicated than this binary view of reality.

There are situations where there are oppressors and victims.  Take the Oregon bakery forced to pay a huge fee to lesbians who felt bad because the company didn't care to specially decorate them a wedding cake.  They have a gag order put on them illegally by an unelected state drone to force them to not discuss or mention the case.  That's an oppressor (the state) vs a victim (the company).

But almost none of life is split up like this, and rarely even when it happens is it completely clear and easy to delineate.  Israel is being rocketed regularly by the Palestinians who swear they want to kill or enslave every last Jew on earth.  Who's the oppressor and victim here?  Well clearly the Palestinians are oppressing the Israelis in this instance, but in the past, the Israelis did so to the Palestinians; which has the moral upper hand?

And there's where the nuance comes in.  Oppression requires immoral activity.  You cannot be an oppressor unless you're doing wrong. Merely exercising power in a manner that the target dislikes doesn't make you an oppressor - little Timmy forced to share his Lego with little Jessica may cry oppression but he's just being a brat.  He's not a victim.  In this instance Timmy is trying to oppress Jessica by being bigger and older and keeping all then Lego.

The problem here is the morality, not the act of authority or power.  Having power over someone doesn't make you an oppressor, abusing it does.  Everyone knows this at some basic level, even the most rabid, foaming lunatic leftist that spouts this dichotomy, because they want the... power... to make the bad go away.

Its just odd how totally the left has bought into this worldview, to the exclusion of even considering or being aware that someone might think differently.  They don't seem to be even aware that such a possibility exists.  This oppressor/victim template is all that there is to them.

So when someone points out injustice, they instantly hammer it through that square hole and mock people for claiming victimhood.  Its all they know.  And its the worldview of a three year old.  Its time to grow up, people.

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Bizzy Brain said...

An oppressor/oppressed approach to life requires that one throw out the Bible. Genesis 3:16. To the woman He said: “I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception; In pain you shall bring forth children; Your desire shall be for your husband, And he shall rule over you.” Sounds like God-ordained “oppression” to me, one the feminists futilely rebel against.