Monday, June 29, 2015

When Rome Fell

"As sure as god made black and white
What's done in the dark will be brought to the light"
-Johnny Cash

For those of us who see the world going mad around us, it is tempting to fall into despair, or at least consider seriously withdrawing from the world.  For some, they've reached the point they see the nation falling into irreversible damage, for others, they see this as a very dark time that will take a long time and a great deal of effort to dig out of.

When you have grown up with a very rock solid understanding of the world and how it is put together, and that world starts to crumble, it can be very frightening and confusing.  The United States as the preeminent power and force for justice, democracy, liberty, and peace in the world has been presumed since the 1950s.  The rule by constitutional law and structures that make up government have been fairly stable since the late 1700s.  Now it feels to many as if that has all come to an end and the future is utterly uncertain.

Now, for a Christian response to this concept, read Augustine's City of God for how the great scholar dealt with the fears of people as Rome was falling apart. In fact, tatters of the Roman empire would survive in one form or another 1000 years.

Instead, I'd like to just offer some things to consider that are still good and beautiful and true in America.  Things you can rely on and enjoy and admire.
  • Home, Family, Neighbors, Church, and your home town.
  • The awe inspiring natural beauty of the United States that is so spectacular and jawdropping it still overwhelms visitors by the millions every day.
  • You can still rock in America.
  • Girls in summer outfits.
  • Boys in summer outfits.
  • Baseball season.
  • The internet is still pretty much wide open and free, and you can get it nearly everywhere, often for free.
  • Stores packed with so much stuff its overwhelming.  So much variety you have to study to buy things.
  • Bluegrass, Jazz, Zydeco, Soul, and Blues music - all American, all so readily available.
  • The sound of little kids playing in the sprinkler
  • Food in the cupboard, a roof over your head, and electricity.
  • Memories of loved ones
  • Making new memories with loved ones
  • Sun tea
  • Playing softball with friends
  • Road Trips
  • Soul Food
  • Summer barbecues
  • Picnics
  • Mowing the lawn and smelling that cut grass
  • Craft Breweries
  • Local coffee shops
  • Libraries full of books to borrow for free (thank you, Andrew Carnegie)
  • Kindles full of even more books, many for free
  • 8000 movies waiting on your TV for free to watch with a few pushes of the button
  • Rockford Files, Adam-12, and Columbo on Netflix streaming along with thousands of other shows and movies
Speaking of television you can watch, here are a few shows that always leave me with a smile and a pleasant feeling my heart.  These shows are upbeat, positive, love America, and are about great things you can enjoy:
  • Mike Rowe's Somebody's Gotta Do It
  • Time Travel with Brian Unger
  • Lost in Transmission
  • Counting Cars
And for Christians, there are these final thoughts:
  • Knowing that whatever comes to pass, there is ultimately real justice waiting. Nobody ever gets away with it. Ever .
  • The assurance that when we run the race, a crown awaits us in glory
  • The love of Jesus Christ
  • Hope in His return

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