Tuesday, April 28, 2015


"Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul."
-Marilyn Monroe

There was a time when people would whine or quip that Hollywood was controlled by Jews.  That
statement wasn't wrong.  Its not that Jews had some cabal of autocratic dicatorship over the movie industry.  Yes, some of the more powerful producers or studio owners were Jewish such as Goldwyn and Meyer.
The reason people would say that  is because Jews were the primary driving force behind most of the creativity.  They were the writers and the directors and the designers.  They made costumes and built sets, they made the movies.
And you could tell. Hollywood had a basic sensibility largely shaped by American Jewish thinking and worldviews.  It was often funny, but full of self-doubt and self-examination.  It had a basic strong morality and a love of family, a love of country, and respect for tradition.  Jews in Hollywood, without attempting to, were passing on their worldview to the world.
Jews tended to have a very strong moral compass, an understanding of strength used for good to fight evil, a clear understanding of the line between good and bad.  Characters had depth and layers, but there was no fear of depicting evil as evil and good as heroic.
And this worldview, this influence was so strong that even non-Jewish creators tended to follow the pattern because it was established, popular, well-understood, and often shared by others in the industry.
That's not so much true any longer.  In fact, if any one group can be said to "run Hollywood" any more, its homosexuals.
I remember well early in Premier Magazine's run they would do an annual tribute issue to those who had died of AIDS in the industry.  Every year for several years, they'd have a section of just names, ages, and jobs like a war monument wall.  And it was amazing in its predictability: the jobs were so stereotypical homosexual it was jaw-dropping.  Costume designer.  Make up artist.  Hair dresser.  Dance instructor.  Over and over and over, with few exceptions.
After a few issues of this, Premier dropped the yearly feature without explanation; I suspect they realized it was not only depressing but was very clearly demonstrating that AIDS was not just  homosexual disease but that these guys were pretty much to type.
But homosexuality has spread in Hollywood in influence and impact.  There was once a time when the damaged, confused or insane homosexual was a bad guy type you'd see.  Demented by guilt or how they were treated, they'd go wrong and have to be stopped.  Then that character vanished.
I've asked this before but when was the last time you saw a negative portrayal of a homosexual?  I don't mean making fun but when was he the bad guy?  When was a homosexual anything but fun, smart, well dressed, good, just, and heroic?  For years the "magic negro" was the lazy answer for film heroes needing guidance: you had some mentor who was wise and knowing that was almost always a black guy in humble dress.  The janitor who understood life best, etc.
These days its the "magic fag" that fills this role.  They just are smarter and better than everyone.  I think the first one I ever saw was in an otherwise great film that promotes traditional values and understanding: Blast From The Past with Dave Foley as the Magic Fag that imparts wisdom and deep knowledge of women to ignorant straight Brendan Frasier in a prototype of the later "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" show.
But its broader than that.  In the same way Jewish culture and values were imparted to Hollywood, now Homosexual ones are.  Watch any recent film that is supposed to involve heroes.  Consider their motivations and behavior.  Captain America isn't a man who fights for justice and liberty, he just doesn't like bullies now, for example.  And consider the way the hero reacts to their life.
It was once a bit overdone that heroes would face horrors and great difficulty, grit their teeth, give a quip, then move on as if nothing had happened.  Sure, my whole family was wiped out and I was tortured for 3 weeks but I combed my hair and now its time to get busy.
Now the pendulum has swung ridiculously the other direction.  The hero is reduced to a shivering, whining, hapless wreck by their experiences.  Instead of taking a scene with a lover to get over a problem it takes days, weeks, several episodes, and entire season - and the repercussions go on and on.  As you know Bob, when I started out, my cat got run over and -- and I never really got over that.... I need a moment (reaching for tissue).
Now the writing is characterized by self doubt, by obsessing over past slights, by offense, triggering, and upsets.  There's little moral character, and often its difficult to tell the good guy from the bad guy in terms of their worldview and behavior.  Heroism has been replaced by a strange sort of vengeance-driven self misery.
Show after show of what are essentially bad guys or at best morally neutral being miserable and doing questionable or flat out terrible things without any good guys are put out.  I suppose The Sopranos was the first of these, but in fact that was a morality play showing that mobsters were wrong and the consequences of their life despite trying to do what they think is right.  Later shows such as Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy, and Breaking Bad were just about bad guys doing bad.
Even the supposedly good guys in these shows were corrupt, venal, perverted, and in some ways even worse than the bad guys.  The moral lesson is clear: there's not really any good.  There's just interesting different shades of bad, and the people who claim to be good - especially Christians, oh my yes the Christians - are even worse.
With homosexuals dominating so much of the Hollywood worldview, if not creative process, in the way Jews once did, the worldview has shifted drastically.  Unable to understand heroism, they give us brutal thugs or whiny amoral punks - or tepid good guys who don't really even understand their role.  Unable to understand humor we get gross out shock stunts and in-your-face attacks on traditional ideals.  Everyone is wracked with angst, self doubt, and guilt because that's the way homosexuals view the world.
And instead of getting over anything and healing or moving past, they dwell on it endlessly, moping and recriminating, shaping their entire lives around perceived or actual slights and miseries of the past.
Families are portrayed as infighting bizarre, miserable wrecks.  The "traditional core family" concept is mocked and attacked as always some kind of lie and even if it wasn't its so horribly in the past it should be utterly destroyed.
Christianity is almost always portrayed as bizarre, stupid, ignorant, and deeply perverted, hiding sick sexual desires and twisted secrets just beneath the surface.  That pastor might seem kindly and good but he lusts after his daughter and has an inflatable sheep in the basement.  It must be true, nobody could be good and moralAnd my worldview is largely shaped by my sexuality, so theirs must be as well, but hide it for some shameful reason.
And so goes our general culture, because as I've written in the past, the "low info voter" (the general public who has no interest or skill in self examination or understanding their worldview let alone the events around them) is greatly shaped by popular culture and in particular entertainment.
So that's how the people around us see the world, too.  And in the process the industry, entertainment, and humor suffers.

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