Saturday, April 04, 2015


"oh, no, Adam and Steve, you can sit wherever you want."

Imagine if you will, Rosa Parks is looking for a bus.  In the real life story, she rode the same bus line home from work each night and was told she could ride, but had to walk the extra 15-20 feet to the rear of the bus to sit.  A minor, but all too common indignity because of her appearance - she was African American.
This helped spark the civil rights movement and became a symbol of the much wider black oppression in some parts of America.  Martin Luther King jr capitalized on this to build a social shift and press for cultural and legal changes.
But instead of that scenario, imagine she is allowed to ride any bus, anywhere in the bus there's a free seat.  Granted most buses prefer to give the front few seats to the very elderly and handicapped, but she can sit wherever she wants.
And Miss Parks doesn't want to go home, but she's looking for a bus that will take her to the local Chippendale's male revue erotic dance palace.
But after looking for hours and choosing bus after bus, she finds one that won't take her where she wants to go. The bus driver of the sixth bus she runs down says she can sit anywhere, and he'll take her anywhere, but he doesn't stop at the Chippendales because he considers erotic dancing immoral and it violates his conscience and religion to assist people in participating.
Somehow I don't think MLK would feel very moved to do anything about this particular scenario.  I don't think people would find it especially compelling.  And if this was the extent of the "oppression"  Rosa Parks faced each day, I don't think anyone would have been able to generate any sort of civil rights movement.
I bring this up because Martin Luther King jr was killed on this day in 1968.  He is the greatest single symbol of the civil rights struggles of blacks in America in the 50s and 60s, their greatest leader.  And I don't think he would be down with the pink struggle.
I think he'd be appalled and furious that anyone would compare the plight of the homosexual in America to the horrendous evils, brutality, and systemic oppression that blacks faced in "Jim Crow" areas.  I think he'd be shocked that anyone would compare refusing to bake a wedding cake or arrange flowers for a homosexual "wedding" to people having dogs and firehoses turned on them.
The comparisons are absolutely hysterical - not in the humorous sense, but the shrieking overreaction sense.  They are utterly without rational basis and simply done to generate outrage and pressure people to shut up, submit, and comply with the demands of a very small elite group of white Americans.  And its very sad to see.

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