Friday, January 02, 2015


"Your evil is unwanted here!"

Some things I've been working on lately. I've had the GIMP program for years, and my brother Joel bought me a book not long ago with all kinds of information and tips in it on using the program to its best effect. GIMP is essentially freeware Photoshop created by disgruntled UNIX users, annoyed at having to pay 400 bucks for Adobe's program.  So they made GIMP and put it on the internet for free and as far as I can tell its just as powerful.
But its a complex program and it takes time and practice to figure out, so I've been working on that over the Holidays, editing images and enhancing them.  Here are a few results, all Superheroic stuff from Champions:

Mostly I'm working with texture and shading, I'll work on some lighting effects later.  The flying craft there turned out a bit too neon green for me, it should be more like the Viper agent below it, but it was fun to add all the little details and markings.
Most of this I'm also doing as part of a marketing effort.  I've read quite a few places that the best way to use online social media and internet contacts is to build a "platform."  This consists of fans and interested parties who know and appreciate you and your work.  With this, you reach out using giveaways, updates, feedback, and answering questions to create interest in your work.
Following the "long tail" concept of marketing, a few giveaways and a small but dedicated group of fans and followers can reach out each of them to more and this generates sales.  So I'm using rebuilding old Hero characters and images and posting them on the Hero sites around the internet - including the official Hero Games Forums - to keep my  name and work in peoples' minds.  In turn, I'm in theory building a platform and helping my sales.
In theory - so far it seems to be working, and in the process I'm getting better with GIMP, demonstrating familiarity and expertise with the Hero rules, and having fun.  Plus, if I ever run a superheroic game again, I have lots of 6th edition updates and images.  These images I am also putting into "paper minatures" that can be cut out, folded, glued/taped, and used as standups on a map instead of expensive miniatures.  Those are giveaways too.  
And since I'm giving them away on Hero's site using their old materials from previous editions of the game, I'm not out anything other than practice time - I'm not giving my own materials away - and I'm helping the game by updating old products and helping generate interest in the game, which is good for the company.  Everybody wins, I hope.
I'm not very good at business or marketing and its taking a long time to learn basic lessons, but I'm getting there slowly, I hope.

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