Tuesday, December 09, 2014


I've been hard at work for a while now getting one final product on the shelf for this year.  The last one I finally put out was the Jolrhos Bestiary (volume one).  Its a big book like my Fantasy Codex this last summer.
At just under 400 pages, the Bestiary is mostly monsters - 277 pages worth of more than 300 varieties - and the illustrations and checking the math took quite a while to finish.  Its a beauty:
I'm proud of how this book turned out, and with the Codex forms two volumes of a planned series outlining my game world and setting so people can just pick it up and play straight out of the book.  Fantasy Hero is a wonderful system but it takes a lot of work to set up and detail everything - it doesn't have a pre-built world like D&D does - so I'm doing all that work for others.
The Jolrhos Bestiary has tons of other materials in it, not just monsters.  There's a section on running 'pets' in a game like the ones featured in MMOGs.  I have details on running and owning mounts, and sections on training both mounts and pets, including specific unique skills and talents they can learn.
One part I particularly like was inspired by the game Aces & Eights.  A nearly unplayable Western RPG, it had a great section on horses and giving them quirks that set them apart.  So I put that together for mounts and pets in a fantasy game; your griffon mount may be brave, but it likes flying so much its hard to keep on the ground, for example.
And also included is "body loot," a concept familiar to computer gamers: what is on the creature or can be harvested off of it.  Eggs, leather, scales, alchemical compounds, and much more.  How hard are they to recover?  How long does it take?  How heavy is a dragon's hide?  How much is it worth?  All of that is covered.
Packed with art, information, indexes, and hundreds of monsters, the Jolrhos Bestiary isn't like the usual Monster Manual type.  This book doesnt have yet another set of goblins and dragons.  Its full of unique, strange, and fascinating unusual creatures for the Jolrhos world setting.
My theory was that if I have this book out, I can reference any number of monsters in a module I write for Fantasy RPGs without needing to write them up.  People can just buy the book and have all the info they need.
The Bestiary is available several places and in different formats:
In hardbound print ($30.00): at Lulu
In softcover print ($20.00): at Createspace
In pdf e-book download ($12.99): At Hero Games!
ON the horizon for 2015 are at least 4 more books, including 1-2 large sourcebooks, such as a Treasury full of loot and a Field Guide that you'll have to see to believe, nothing else has been put out like it for gaming, that I'm aware of.
And, of course, more adventures like The Lost Castle and Elenthar's Tower.  Right now this stuff is selling better than my novels.

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