Wednesday, December 31, 2014

BEST OF WATN 2014: The Rest

Not pretty.  Give it up, Hollywood.
The rest of 2014 was a fairly slow, quiet year for Word Around the Net.  Several pieces were linked and somewhat popular through the year, but overall I kept up a slower production rate as I worked on publishing several gaming products and wrote another novel.  I find my priorities are shifting, less angry reaction and pontification and more focus on getting work done.
Nobody ever seems to change their minds or even really learn anything from being taught or told, but the work is always there to do and perhaps if I keep working hard maybe I can become somewhat more successful in my writing.
Some of the other popular bits in WATN were these pieces:
The Fascist Mindset and Modern Relativism - demonstrating how similar relativist thought (on the left and right) echoes and has the same origins as fascist ideology.  Its from the same pool, and uses the same arguments for life and behavior.
Not Beautiful - a fluff piece heartlessly bashing women in hollywood for being significantly less physically attractive than they are presented to us as.  I'm sorry Quentin Tarantino, but everyone who watched Kill Bill was wondering what blonde the characters were referring to as so beautiful because it clearly was not Uma Thurman
Radon Gas - this Common Knowledge bit still gets quite a bit of attention, because I rips apart one of the weirdest myths of our times.  Radon Gas exists but its not a threat to home owners and people are being ripped off by con men pretending to find and clear out this stuff.
The Fragile Princess - about a ridiculous, insulting, and bizarre ad regarding teaching girls science.  The contrast between the "I am woman hear me roar" and "treat us like brittle glass princesses" that comes from modern feminism is very strange.  Almost as strange as the "women are just like men" said by people that insist men are pigs, scum, and horrible.
Bashing Palin - Everyone on the right always knew this, everyone on the left lied and denied it, but its finally being admitted, that the left was terrified of Palin and attacked her to destroy her.
Yeah, I'm Pat Novak, For Hire - An old radio show written by one of the finest hard boiled wordsmiths in the world that few have even heard of.  Starring Jack Webb, this is one of the best OTR (Old Time Radio) bits you can find and listen to.  I shared just a few of the glorious lines, and people loved it.
and finally, Good Cop/Bad Cop - Comparing various police actions and famous stories in the news and how what we've been told is so often different from what was done.  Most cops are good guys working hard to protect us, and often the bad cops are ones not even condemned by the press.
So that was WATN last year, the highlights in terms of sharing and popularity.  I hope you have a good year this coming 2015, better than 2014 and filled with family, love, hope, and trust.

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vanderleun said...

Thanks, Christopher. May the wind be always at your back. Let's see what's out there. Engage.