Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I have a couple of requests today I want to offer.  I know this is a tough time of year, and despite the news reports, most people are doing badly in the economy but if you can possibly help, please do.
The first person who could use some help is my cousin Kevin. He was clearing tree branches away from the house and fell off the ladder, breaking his neck.  He lived, but was almost paralyzed and has to spend three months at least immobilized in bed.  Always an active, energetic guy, this is driving him nuts, but he has a bigger problem.
He didn't have much in the way of health insurance, and is self employed as a concert promoter - he's done some pretty big shows and has been successful but he's far from wealthy and is making much less money now that he's not out there with his contacts and personality.  So he could use some help with the bills, if possible.

The second is Gerard Vanderleun, who runs American Digest.  His blog is a great one with plenty of interesting and thoughtful posts, analysis, poetry, and some profoundly deep thinking, as well as a sidebar that is packed with fun and thought-provoking bits.  He's in a bit of a jam and could use some help as well:
My recent move seems to have drained my never-too-overwhelming reserves. Hence, after eleven years, I thought I might pass the hat among my readers for the first time. I'm new to this "Donate" business but I am informed that Paypal's Donation button here should work. Let me know if it doesn't and I'll work to fix it. To paraphrase Chicago politicians, "If you feel the need to donate, donate early and donate often."
Just wanted to pass along some needs, if you can at all help.

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