Friday, August 29, 2014


Evan Sayet is most known for his comedy writing and work, but he's also a pretty deep thinker.  If you've seen any of his videos on leftist thought, you've only seen the summary version of his ideas on the topic.  This video gives a much better foundation and overall view of the left, how they think, and why.  I recommend it extremely highly to everyone to view. 
If you're a leftist, then watch it to challenge what you presume and consider true.  If you're not... learn about what the intellectual and academic minds behind the movement are all about.  If you're a leftist you probably aren't even aware of this, but it might be enlightening for you.
Its all about worldview and the why and philosophy behind what the left does and says.

The fact that none of this is constructive or builds a better future, none of this leads or guides into a better place simply does not matter to these people.  Its a matter of being absolutely sure they are right, without a shred of doubt or self reflection, and acting on it with the certainty that this will lead to utopia, somehow, in the end.

As an addendum, here's what you get when you follow this kind of thinking through:

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