Friday, July 18, 2014


Do not disturb, author at work

I got back my current book (WIP as some put it, work in progress) from my editor and I'm going through it with rewrites and editing.  He said he didn't have to edit as much this time and found himself being pulled into the work because there was much less to scrutinize than my previous two works.  That's a good sign, I would hope I'm getting better as a writer as time goes on but its always nice to get some support for that hope.
This next novel, Life Unworthy, should be out by fall this year, and I'm considering a Kickstarter campaign to get money to pay my editor, generate publicity, and perhaps pay for a cover designer, although I have a good idea for a cover in my mind and am learning better how to make them.
In my other writing, the gaming books I've written for Hero Games have been selling pretty well, and I got my first quarterly check.  Unfortunately that first quarter is also likely to be the biggest sales; everyone bought a copy that was aware of and wanted one and now its a matter of hoping word spreads to more and reaches more customers.  It wasn't a huge amount of money, but it was pretty good for me.
Work is ongoing for my fantasy Bestiary, full of strange and wonderful creatures such as these:
I'm hoping to get it out by this fall as well, to keep up interest in my gaming books and add to the library.  These books are actually up in the Hero Games catalog and they take a chunk of the sales, but I get the majority of it.
Just a reminder, I have a writer's blog now, focusing on the craft of writing and thoughts on work there.
I still haven't gotten tired of Skyrim, partly due to the abundance of addons and player-created content which about doubles the size of the game for free.  There are real problems with the game but the addons and amazing game play and world setting more than make up for them.
No trip to Salishan this year.  My aunt who gets the beach house once a year had surgery on her rotator cuff and just isn't up to carrying luggage and extra trips so no vacation for me.  But really, its not like I work a hard day every day and need a vacation anyway.  My life is pretty easy and calm not by choice but by necessity.
Keep your loved ones close and enjoy the summer, and I'll keep trying to get good content and interesting thoughts posted regularly here on Word Around the Net.  I'm a bit distracted with editing right now, so content might be a bit light but I'll do what I can.

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