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"Wow that's a lot of spells"

Almost eight years ago in 2006 I finished up work on a book for fantasy role playing called The Fantasy Codex.  It was a big book of spells and thoughts on making spells, running a game that has magic in it, and a system for a Game Master to use to handle magic in a game.  The rules bits were written for Fantasy Hero by Hero Games, but the contents could be used with any role playing game that had spells.
A few years later I finished the second volume with more spells in it, mostly for bad guys to use against the heroes, and published it.  The two volume set has sold a few dozen copies over the years, not exactly encouraging, but it was useful and people seemed to like it.
Well the Hero System underwent a version upgrade between those years and I wanted to do some redesign on the book.  I had all the hundreds of spells divided between "schools" of magic like Fire and War magic, which meant there was some repetition and the books were bigger than they had to be.
So I set about rebuilding the spells to the new edition, which has some new options and interesting possibilities I took advantage of.  And I redesigned the book for a better, more attractive layout, and streamlined both books into a single volume by removing repetition and changing the basic structure.
Instead of two books with over 500 pages total, its one book with about 350 pages.
Now its done and out on the shelf.  This is a bit narrow in its appeal - a book of spells for role playing games - but at least a few of my readers are gamers and I thought you might want to know.  Plus, why have a blog if you can't use it to promote yourself.
Front Cover

Back Cover
The e-book is already up for sale on the Hero Games website and at in print and in pdf format.  Here's the pitch:
Empower your Wizard! Almost a thousand new spells for your fantasy game, detailed and organized for use by GMs and Players alike. Designed for Fantasy Hero by Kestrel Arts, this collection of magic may be adapted for any fantasy setting.
Unlock spells like Grimstaff’s Grand Enhancement, Cinder Spray, Tornado, and Call Aether Spite! Learn magical spells from five different orders and seventeen magical schools! Summon not just elementals but a keep or siege weapons! Cast spells to baffle and confound your enemies! The Fantasy Codex is packed with unique and creative magic for your spell caster to learn and use... and for your GM to use against you.

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