Friday, January 03, 2014

BEST OF 2013: The Rest

"I'm just making this up as I go along."

In the last year, I expanded quite a bit on the Common Knowledge series.  I still have a few to go, but I'm getting close to tapping out the list I had.  Every so often I think of or read about something new but its getting less common these days.  With over 50 posts, I've covered a lot of ground over the years.
The Gandhi, and especially Mandela, Common Knowledge posts got a lot of attention, particularly after Mandela's death.  I guess I understand why some people want to treat him as a saint, but Mandela was a pretty awful person, overall.  When the best thing you can say about someone is that they didn't slaughter all the white people like they sang about with their friends, and didn't say in power as a dictator for life, that's pretty faint praise.
My analysis of Detroit and how it got the way it is now was pretty popular.  I tried to be as fair and complete as I could. Its too easy with Detroit to fall into convenient self-affirming categories of blaming your pet enemy, but there were a lot of awful factors involved, and no all of them convenient to everyone's ideology.
The post on Hatefacts gets a lot of attention as well.  I didn't coin the term "hatefact" but its a good one that needs to be better known.  Every ideological group has things they prefer not to be true, but when you act like its hateful to mention them, you've gone too far.
My post on the way feminism has shifted from promotion of women into just hatred of men and an organized effort to diminish the very concept of masculinity has resonated well with folks.  More than a few women have spotted the difference in how boys are treated in school compared to girls, and it keeps on going up the age ladder.  Which segues into the next big post:
Who is really in charge?  We're told some groups are the oppressors and the dominant ones, but culture and law treats an entirely different group as being in that category.  Men are supposedly the evil oppressor, but in the 21st century, its women who are dominant and oppressive.  This was a post I was especially proud of because it was one of those unlocking ones that helped me make sense of a lot of the world when I figured it out.
And finally the last big post this year was my post on never growing up, not me.  This was based on an excellent Ace of Spades post on the same concept, and its one I've been sitting on quite a while.  A comment my brother made about drinking a milkshake for breakfast and eating a candy bar for lunch (calling it a coffee and power bar) as adults was the trigger that got me writing.
It was a tough year last year in blogging for me, because I stopped writing the old "see this outrageous thing that pisses me off??" and "here's something stupid politicians are doing" posts, because they were useless and just made me upset.  There's no fixing the federal government, so there's no reason to point out their continual idiotic and wicked behavior.
Other topics such as the pot laws in Colorado and Washington State I thought about and discarded, having covered them so much in the past.  I was tempted to write about those knuckleheads who loaded up a ship to prove how little ice there was in antarctic and got stuck in the 'unusually thick ice.'  There's been a whole series of these kind of events, every year for over a decade it seems like some batch of idiots goes to the poles and gets clubbed with reality.  And I almost did the post, but then I thought "aw who cares?  Nobody buys this crap but the dwindling number of true believers anyway."
The coverage of the story was a hilarious depiction of media bias too.  At first it was trumpeted as some grand experiment by deeply dedicated scientists, then when it was plainly a deep humiliation for the cause, suddenly it became a tourist boat with no mention of their warmy plans.
But others have covered that well and honestly if you haven't figured out the bias in media by now, there's no reaching you with the truth.
So its been more of a challenge to come up with content, and I'd like to thank everyone for sticking with me and all of your kind notes and comments.  Everyone have a wonderful new year and God be with you all.  I'll keep plugging away here at WATN.  If nothing else, it helps me hone my writing skills.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all your posts, Chris. Happy 2014.

Unknown said...

Yep, just keep writing. I had to let the political stuff go myself because it was making me crazy and I just do not want to live like that.