Monday, December 23, 2013


"Cupid is not a reindeer!  Try 'Cliff' or 'Rudolph.'"

I'm pretty sure everyone knows what I think about Santa Claus by this point, and this poem is a major part of what launched Santa to replace Jesus in Christmas but the image is pretty funny.  Its a reproduction of a Christmas Card by the Eisner family.  
Will Eisner was the man who wrote and drew The Spirit, a comic that comic fans and industry types know but most folks don't (a movie was made based on it that was pretty good a few years ago).  He was so influential, groundbreaking, and honored by the comics industry that they named their awards after him.  TV has Emmies, movies have Oscars, and comics have Eisners.
This card makes fun of modern editors, PC and picky, and what they would do to the famous St Nick poem:

I've read several places of writers who took established classics and submitted them to modern editors to see what the reaction would be and usually they get rejection notices.  Part of the reason is that the writing style is dated, and part of the reason is that editors are usually more concerned about editing than writing.
In any case, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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Philip said...

Reminds me of Stan Freberg and Daws Butler's performance of "Elderly Man River."