Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 GREATEST HITS: An Awful Price

" Almost 24% of all pregnancies worldwide die in abortions."

I'm always hesitant and try to be careful when I write about some subjects, not so much out of worry about how people will yell at me but how they will feel and how it will affect them.  Abortion is one of those topics that gets people screaming at each other, but they tend to forget that people are involved.  I've talked to several girls who have had abortions and it haunts them terribly, that thought of their baby dying and having done it themselves.
That's an aspect that pro-life people often forget with their placards of dismembered babies and shouts of murder.  Some women who do this don't seem to care at all but many, perhaps most, do feel awful about it later on.  Those women need to be treated gently and with love.
But the truth cannot be forgotten or ignored out of love - that's no love at all.  And the truth is abortion is a horrific monstrosity in modern culture, a ghastly evil that plagues America and other nations.  Its always been with us, but at least in the past it was considered wrong.
Like so many things these days, the wrong has become right and the good considered awful.  And behind it all is a greater cost than most have considered.  I wrote about this cost in April of last year, including a few stats to consider, and people seemed to like it and passed it around.  I got a lot of hits on the piece, then they dropped off.
For example, in the 104 years between 1864 and 1968, an estimated 4,946 blacks were lynched in the United States.  Meanwhile, in the 38 years since Roe vs Wade was ruled on in 1973 and 2011, an estimated 17,653,000 black babies were aborted.  That's a ratio of 3,569:1.  The lynchings were horrible, but this mass slaughter of babies is inconceivable.  Blacks in America are facing nearly genocide before they even can be born.
But there's a different kind of cost.  Each human being born in America is part of the nation's economic power.  On average, over the lifespan of an American citizen, they are worth an estimated $25,000,000 of Gross Domestic Product.  This is found by examining the productivity, earning power, and spending of each citizen over their whole life span (including the amount spent on them by family before they can work).  That means every baby killed by abortion costs the nation $25 million in economic productivity.
To date, almost 55,000,000 people have been put to death before they were even born.  Adding up that potential productivity in today's dollars and you get a total of $43 trillion dollars deleted from the economy.
The comparison to war dead seemed to particularly catch peoples' attention.  In a society that tries to keep everyone alive and make them as comfortable and at ease as possible, at the expense of everyone else, this ghastly rate of slaughter seems to go without mention far too often.
And the harsh truth so many women seem to be understanding in their sadness is that abortion does not make you un-pregnant.  It makes you the mother of a dead child.


No Shades Of Gray said...

One really important & positive thing we can all do to help reduce the incidence of abortion is to speak with delight about EVERY pregnancy, regardless of the age or circumstances of the mother. Women whose teenagers are pregnance especially need to hear "Congratulations! God has blessed you to have another generation to live on in your family!". I have never met a young woman who wanted an abortion - most are led or pushed into such a decision by old women in their lives (moms, grandmas, teachers, aunts, school counsellors...) who tell them they are "dooming" their baby to a miserable life, or "ruining" the grandmother's life (that happens a lot), or that they will be out on the street if they don't have an abortion. Anyway, I make a habit that anywhere I hear news of a pregnancy (even eavesdropping on strangers) I smile big, and give whomever an excited congratulations. I figure it can't hurt for these poor souls to know that someone, somewhere thinks they and their baby are wonderful.

Tina said...

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Anyway the comment above came from me! :-) Happy New Year!