Wednesday, October 30, 2013


“Yes, come run at me. See if you can cross the distance without sprouting feathers. Perhaps you’ll be the fourth or fifth, the one who actually reaches me before I kill him. Who wants to be first?”

In 2009 I wrote a book called Snowberry's Veil.  This was a fantasy story of a Ranger, his love, and the adventures he goes through to win her and fight a terrible evil.  The book is set in my fantasy role playing world which I've been developing and running games in on and off since the late 1980s, and as a friend who read the books said:
This is a fast-paced read with humor and action springing from the author's detailed world setting. Careful reading rewards those who like to become immersed in an author's imagination. I can see many adventures in the future for the Ranger of this title.
When I finished the book, I decided to go with an online publisher because I wanted to have a real tangible book finished and in print before trying to shop it to a more established publishing house.  Well that didn't turn out particularly well as I wrote about a few months ago, but it did give me a real book in my hands and that was nice.
I love the story,  its basically a small-scale fantasy story that I wrote in the style of Louis L'Amour as if he was writing a fantasy.  Naturally its my writing, but it was largely an experiment to see and show how his work and themes fit well into fantasy.  It was easy and I believe it turned out very well.
That copy sold a few dozen but it always concerned me.  The art wasn't quite right, it was placed poorly, and there were troublesome editing and grammar issues (some of which resulted from printing, apparently).  In the meantime I wrote a second book Old Habits which is available for sale still, and its done okay in sales.  The things I learned in writing Snowberry's Veil I was able to take advantage of in my second book, and it turned out quite well.
Eventually I recovered the rights to Veil and had it professionally edited and rewrote it, adding some little bits to clarify some things and crafted new illustrations.  Polished up, missing the grammatical flaws and properly edited, this version of Snowberry's Veil is a much better product.
So in a way, this is my first book, its just being more broadly released and seen as my second.  Which is fine, although each of the two stories are somewhat connected, they aren't a series you have to read in a certain order.  Its all building up to something, God willing, that I'll eventually get written in the future.
The story is the same though, and here's what people who read it had to say in the past:
Christopher Taylor's first, self-published novel is an imaginative story about a forest ranger/explorer who perseveres amidst dangers such as beastmen, human degenerates, strange hybrid forest creatures, and a harsh, wintry environment. The novel is at its best when the characters are actively engaged in an adventure, and the story is especially gripping when such adventures lead to heroic battles and confrontations. It is clear that Taylor has raw talent as an author. His characters are well-rounded, his descriptive ability is impressive, and his creativity in imagining the world of his story is evident. With a little more practice and polish, Taylor has the potential to be among one of the better fantasy writers of our time.
-James Huck

Separated from the caravan and injured, can Erkenbrand make it back to finish the escort job? Suddenly without a guide, will the caravan come to some Awful End, or will the fates smile upon everyone in the end? And just who is Snowberry?

Buy Snowberry's Veil to find out!

--If you're looking for World Spanning Epic Fantasy, this ain't it. A small tale about a few people, told simply yet may be a new genre, I'll call it MicroFantasy. Give it a shot.
-Leo Kazimov

Christopher Taylor has written an engaging fantasy novel that weaves together a couple of different storylines into one enjoyable novel. Taylor is a creative writer who brings the reader into his own world -- and you can't help but enjoy what you see.
His use of language and descriptive words also helps keep the plot moving. If you enjoy fantasy, you'll enjoy Snowberry's Veil.
-Robert Toornstra
The new version of my book Snowberry's Veil is available now on Amazon for $1.99; when the Lulu print version finally comes out, it will be available there as well - and when you buy the paperback, you get the e-book version .99 on Amazon.The paperback version is awaiting final check on the print and formatting before I release it to the public, which should be some time next week.  
Check it out, you won't be disappointed!


Jonathan Cook said...

I just finished Old Habits today and was wanting more - I enjoyed it very much I'll be downloading Snowberry's Veil straightaway...

pdwalker said...

Bah, it comes up as 4 dollars for me. I hope Amazon gives you your cut.

As fro me, I'll skip lunch tomorrow and read instead.

Christopher R Taylor said...

What country are you in? Depending on the exchange rate it can vary considerably but that sounds very high. I hope they didn't really charge you that much :(

pdwalker said...

If you're getting a cut of the full price, then it's no matter.

Amazon changes their customer by customer. I guess they've decided I'm a decent mark, as when I log into their site under my amazon account I often get a much higher price than if I log into their site via a different ip address, different browser and with cookies cleared.

"Old Habits" was 5 dollars, so I've decided to skip lunch tomorrow as well.

Doesn't blogger report the ip address/country of your visitors?

pdwalker said...

(Hong Kong)

Christopher R Taylor said...

It does, but not who they are, just a general report of visitors. I appreciate the purchases, your support, and I hope you enjoy both books.

pdwalker said...

I did.

Does your creative muse have any more in the pipeline?