Thursday, October 17, 2013


First the tide rushes in
Plants a kiss on the shore
Then rolls out to sea
And the sea is very still once more
-The Righteous Brothers, "Ebbtide"

Although I'm pretty well house bound, I get a walk out on the beach and to the bay when I'm here at Salishan.  This is Oregon, so there's no gigantic curling breakers here, only waves of around 2-3 feet tall that crash pleasantly but harmlessly onto the beach.  Every year storms change the shape of the beach so it can have drop offs or like this year just a gentle slope, littered with logs cast up from the sea.
Oregon's coast has more nesting sea birds than Washington and California combined, according to the Oregon state info I read.  And there are plenty of birds.  Some I recognize like gulls and pelicans, others I am not sure of, like Sandpipers.  Here are a few shots from views around the beach house.
A view out the east side, toward Siletz bay.  The mountains are often shrouded in fogs and mist
And out the west side, from a few years back.  its unchanged; this is at high tide, looking over the beach grass.

A bit of the local fauna growing just off some driftwood. The fact that succulent plants can grow in the sand so often soaked with saltwater fascinates me from a chemistry perspective.The end of the spit, separated by a narrow inlet between the Pacific Ocean and Siletz Bay. The water there is shallow enough you could almost walk across it, although I really wouldn't recommend it.
Pelicans. I'm told they are Brown Pelicans, which are apparently endangered or threatened, but there's sure a lot of them in this area.More pelicans. They are strange looking creatures on land, but look very impressive and sleek on the wing.
Seals, they look like perhaps leopard seals. Quite a few will rest and sun themselves at the end of the spit.The seals are quite curious, if shy. They follow you along the shore, out at sea, watching you as you walk.

I've always found the ocean relaxing, although not as beautiful as the mountains. When I go up into a high mountainous forest, I feel like I've come home. But I do like the feel and sound of the ocean. Perhaps some more pics tomorrow.

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