Thursday, September 26, 2013


“I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honourable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.”
–Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor

When the feminist movement really got its modern start, they had a lot of good points to make.  Women were treated as fools and children, dismissed as silly or thoughtless, and generally considered fine for sex and housewives but otherwise not to be taken seriously.  This wasn't universal, of course, but the general cultural perspective in the west was pretty consistently along these lines.
Feminists argued that women were human beings of equal validity as men, just as able to think and act, and should be treated with respect.  They made good arguments such as the replacement one (put a man in the place of a woman in that ad/movie/book/conversation and see how you feel about it).
The basic argument of feminism was sound and worthy, and won the day.  Women are treated with respect and have open access to all of society in America.  Women celebrated and were pleased with the changes, and girls were born into this new culture without any knowledge or memory of the way things once were.
However, like most left-leaning movements, feminism didn't stop.  As I've argued many times before, these sort of organizations have two choices when they fulfill their goals: disband in triumph or keep going and earning money, prestige and the feeling of importance.  They almost never disband, in fact I've never heard of one that said "yay we won!" and quit.  Its too much to give up, and their mindset is one of perpetual outrage and bitterness, usually combined with the infinite hunger of progressivism.  There's always one more outrage on the horizon.
And feminism is no different.  Having accomplished all their stated and desired goals by the mid 80s, feminists were determined to find new outrages and horrors to attack, even if they had to invent them.  And today, instead of being driven by a desire to help and protect women, they are driven mostly by a hate of men.  They aren't feminists, they are misandrists.
An example of this can be seen in this video.  This is last year's attempt to have a conference at the University of Toronto by CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) CAFE, (Canadian Association For Equality).  The conference was to be about the situation boys face in school and how to help them. Foul language warning (NSFW):
The women there are campus feminists, and they destroyed the event, breaking it up, causing damage and ending the conference.  As you can hear from the audio, they weren't very pleasant about it.  In fact, this is just one example of the hate that these women were spewing to silence men, as Warren Farrell writes about in Minding the Campus:
Personally, I have trouble seeing myself as a hate-soaked advocate of rape (as a few of the more unhinged protesters kept saying). In the 1970s, I was a three-time Board member of the National Organization for Women in New York. Nothing in my Toronto speech was remotely anti-woman. It dealt entirely with the growing crisis of boys.
This year, the same conference is being attempted, but the U of T campus is charging them almost $1000 for security, predicting that feminists will again attempt to destroy any attempt to even talk about how boys are treated in school.
Fareell writes about the atmosphere of hostility and misandry on campuses in both Canada and the US:
The problem is that the feminist anger of the 1960s and 1970s s been institutionalized on our campus, where it seems impervious to change. Consider what your son faces if he enters a college in North America, Australia, or most of Europe. In the first week or two, he is required to attend a program on date rape, but nothing on date communication. By October, he will encounter Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but nothing about a "prostate cancer awareness month," though the incidence and deaths from the two diseases are similar. If your son becomes involved in student activities, he has access to significant student funds for women's centers and speakers on women's issues, but not for men's centers or speakers on men's issues.

...he may express interest in a woman who is taking a women's studies course or degree, and see her researching papers on how the patriarchy consists of men who made laws to benefit men at the expense of women. He may learn she is on a scholarship to encourage women in engineering, math or the other STEM professions; if he's observant, he'll note that despite few men majoring in the social sciences, he hasn't run across even a single man with a scholarship designed to encourage men to enter the social sciences. The low percentage of women in STEM fields is depicted as very troubling, but the fact that males account for only 43% of all college students is not.
...Your son will soon meet many women working on papers and theses on women's special interests, such as domestic violence against women, but virtually none on men's interests (the boy crisis; fathering; custody rights, false accusations by women, the high rate of male suicide and imprisonment and domestic violence against men).

At Ryerson University in Toronto, two women applied to start a student group sensitive to men's as well as women's issues.

The Ryerson Student Union's Board of Directors immediately passed a pre-emptive resolution that any group examining gender that was inclusive of "the concept of misandry" would be considered as "negating the need to center women's voices in the struggle for gender equity"...and therefore prohibited from the campus. As is often case at colleges these days, there was no discussion, no debate and no input by the people trying to launch the club. The primary advocate of the ban was Marwa Hamad, a faculty member at Ryerson, and (ironically) Vice-President of Equity at the school.
And its not just in colleges or universities.  Women can beat men like a pinata and they are treated as heroes, while the men are treated as wimps and trash if they complain.  Women can harrass employees and sexually abuse students with little complaint and general cheering of the culture.  When a man sexually abuses a girl student under his care, he's a monster - and rightly so - but when a woman does, out come the "where was she when I was in school" comments.  Women can hang pictures of shirtless men and beefcake calendars in their cubicals at work, but woe be unto the man who has even a tasteful picture of a pretty girl up in his.
This isn't a whine about how hard men have it in society; we brought it on to ourselves.  Men need to step up and be men about it, take responsibility, and be strong.  The problem is that the feminist movement has become a movement of hatred toward men.
Almost every girl or woman you ask will say she's a feminist if she's thought about it.  Almost none of them, however, want a thing to do with the modern feminist movement.  For some the line was drawn when feminists ran to back and support serial adulterer and sexual harasser Bill Clinton while shouting hatred at his accusers.  For others it simply was a recognition that they won, and didn't need NOW or any other organization.
But either way, the situation has become so reversed it is almost a farce.  When previously girls were treated as either prey or imbeciles on campus, now men are treated as idiots and monsters.  Every man is a rapist, even if he hasn't acted on it.  Every law is an evil phallocratic oppression of women.  Every event in history is interpreted through gender politics.
The courses that are taught in "women's studies" departments are absurdities, absolute trash and hate wrapped in an academic bow with just enough historical examples to give a thin veneer of plausibility to their spite.  And this is the environment your son and daughter are sent into at universities and colleges across the continent and into the rest of the western world.
Men are evil, cruel, oppressive brutes who dominate and destroy.  Women are nurturing healers who construct and bless the world with their radiant wonder and inner beauty, we're told.  In the past it was a monster the rest of the world hated who was evil and hateful toward women.  Today the hate is from the feminist who couches their spite in academic language and carefully crafted leftist terminology.  And they are lauded and supported in the press, entertainment world, and especially academia.
In other words, while in the past women were demeaned and humiliated, today men are showered with the worst kind of bitter hatred.  Both are wrong, but clearly one is significantly more wrong.  The pendulum hasn't just swung, its bashed through the side of the clock and showered the room with splinters.
Its up to men to address this and make it right - but its up to women, too.  Women have to reject and push away the misandrists and work to set things straight.  Hate against men is bad, too, ladies.  Feminism as an organization is the wests's most successful, popular, and high-profile hate group in the world.


Anonymous said...

Nice article. Not gonna hold my breath waiting for women to step up however...

Anonymous said...

I remember a few years back there was one gay group that declared victory and closed up shop. It was notable because it is such an unheard-of phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

As a professor at a university, I have to anonymously state that this blog post is all too real.

Avert your eyes and belay your reason when you see that women who stray from the misandrist party line are hated by feminists, and will do anything to shut them down and humiliate them.

/All "womyn" are righteous beautiful butterflies oppressed by the mean, angry patriarchal pigs.

Feminist hypocrisy and idiocy are real and tragically funny...if they weren't so damned serious as they enact oppressive misandrist policy. (They have become their enemy.)

Anonymous said...

Women, gays, blacks, Hispanics, even workers...pick your poison. What we are seeing and what sociologists need to be documenting and studying is the breakdown of a movement from good works to antagonist. We have seen slavery come and go but now we have whites attacked for being white and only local coverage of the thousands of minority on minority killings/year. We have seen the unions emerge and foment a movement that achieved all goals until the tipping point where they become part of the problem. Sure white males dominated this landscape historically, while males of other colors dominated theirs but somehow white males moved on...I will not say evolved but rather changed thought. It was not an easy process, I will grant you that but where does it stop? The feminist/black/gay/Hispanic(let's just call them what they want to be referred to as...minority)have achieved what they want which is equality but now they are vindictive. My Beautiful Bride has a home that I paid for, an education that I paid for, and 5 children that I paid for and support and care for(I work from home). She decided recently to start a business and I support it though she is not home during the kids waking hours. She has started to complain about headaches, stress, and anxiety. I inform her and welcome her into the world of me. Men have been conditioned from the dawn of life to deal with the troubles and as a wise sage said "Be aware of what you wish for, as you may actually attain it."

This is the formation of all of the minority overreach happening in real time and while I was given no time to discuss/defend my Why White Males Are The Most Discriminated Group On College Campuses papers while I was on campus 30 years ago, Now might be the time to actually watch it happen.

Christopher R Taylor said...

Asa Baber wrote once that women thought work would make them feel fulfilled and wonderful. So they got into the workplace and realized it sucked. So they got mad and resentful, convinced men were keeping something from them, some aspect that made it great.

No, that's just how the workplace is.

Anonymous said...

Good article, just one clarification: the conference on boys at UofT, was hosted by CAFE, (Canadian Association For Equality). CUPE was actually sponsoring the feminist protest.