Thursday, April 04, 2013


"Its just a lump of nonviable parasitic tissue"

Something that is rarely considered in the arguments over abortion is the human cost.  I don't mean the lives of helpless, innocent children in this context, but the totals that add up over time.  The website for Movement for a Better America has a few stats to consider.
For example, in the 104 years between 1864 and 1968, an estimated 4,946 blacks were lynched in the United States.  Meanwhile, in the 38 years since Roe vs Wade was ruled on in 1973 and 2011, an estimated 17,653,000 black babies were aborted.  That's a ratio of 3,569:1.  The lynchings were horrible, but this mass slaughter of babies is inconceivable.  Blacks in America are facing nearly genocide before they even can be born.
But there's a different kind of cost.  Each human being born in America is part of the nation's economic power.  On average, over the lifespan of an American citizen, they are worth an estimated $25,000,000 of Gross Domestic Product.  This is found by examining the productivity, earning power, and spending of each citizen over their whole life span (including the amount spent on them by family before they can work).  That means every baby killed by abortion costs the nation $25 million in economic productivity.
To date, almost 55,000,000 people have been put to death before they were even born.  Adding up that potential productivity in today's dollars and you get a total of $43 trillion dollars deleted from the economy.
And there's more.  The cost on women who abort babies is very dire indeed.  Having spoken to many women who aborted a baby I can assure you that many remember and mourn their children.  The suicide rate of women who abort their babies is almost 5 times as high as women who deliver the baby.  That's certainly skewed by other factors such as what led them to kill their own baby to begin with, but the fact is, its very hard on women to do so.
Then there's the breast cancer issue.  This one is pretty well swept under the rug, but there seems to be a very strong correlation between abortion and breast cancer.  The incidence of breast cancer for women who abort their first baby is double the average women who do not.  And if a woman has two or more abortions, that risk goes up to triple.  Women under the age of 18 who abort a baby have 2.5 times the chance of breast cancer than the average woman who has not.
Of course, there's just the flat statistics of death, the grim calculus of a society that blithely kills babies for convenience and comfort.
 Per day, an average of 28 people are murdered by various means in America, by the legal definition.  However, per day, an average 3,425 babies are killed by abortion, but its not defined as murder legally.  In fact, with all the controversy over guns, 122 babies are killed by abortion for every 1 killed by a handgun.
Along the same lines, in the holocaust just over 8 million people were murdered.  In the time since 9/11 alone in America, almost 13 million babies were put to death.
In fact, when you combine the population of the 72 largest cities they total less than the number of babies rubbed out by abortion (54,899,885 vs 54,900,000).  Abortion is slaughtering far more people than war:
Number of U.S. battle deaths in the 8-year American Revolution:
Number of dead in the 9/11 attack:
Number of U.S. battle deaths in 9-year Vietnam War from 1964 to 1973:
Deaths by various other wars:
  • War of 1812 - 20,000 (22 per day)
  • Civil War - 625,000 (427 per day)
  • World War I - 116,516 (202 per day)
  • World War II - 405,399 (300 per day)
  • Korean War - 36,516 (92 per day)
  • Desert Storm - 258 (6 per day)
  • War on Terror - 6518 (2 per day)
Number of babies aborted per day in the United States:
Again, the total of deaths just in the US, just since Roe v Wade:
There are only 315 million people in America, according to the census bureau.  And over the last few decades, we've deliberately killed a number equal to about a sixth of that total population.  But its not murder, according to the courts.  Its just a "choice."  Almost 24% of all pregnancies worldwide die in abortions. If anyone really thinks that there is no cost to that, no price to be paid, you need to think again.
And I can't help but sit and wonder what I should be doing right now, what I should be doing to stop this horror in my own nation.  I feel so helpless watching it go on around me, knowing how evil it all is, but what can I do?  Some go insane and try to kill to stop it, but how is that better than the ones who kill babies for their cause?  Some picket and protest, but what does that help except to feel superior and important?  I pray, I support the effort to stop this, I vote, but in the end, is that really enough?

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