Friday, April 26, 2013


They put  a wreath upon his door

George Jones is a legend in country music for good reason, he was an amazing singer and songwriter and when he would do a cover of a song he made it better than before.  I know people think of country singers as hicks who sing through their nose, but George didn't just have an amazing voice, he had a huge range that he was more than willing to use to best effect to the song.
And his songs were pure country gold, about mama, losing love, hard luck, beer, and so on.  Each one had its own charm and rarely did he dip into the "play on words" easy country writing style - but when he did it always worked well.  Many of George's songs were sad, but always uplifting, and he sung them very well.
George Jones had a very wild youth, and you can read about his bio elsewhere, but eventually he turned his life around largely thanks to his loving wife (who he sang a duet with about their love).  Well, he's moved on now, but his song will last as long as people have music.  Tip of the Stetson to George, and thanks for all the music.  God be with his family in their loss.

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