Monday, December 31, 2012


The 2012 roundup is again mostly college reports, with some scattered lesbian faux events and one meant to influence the election.
  • 2012, Central Connecticut State University, a student claims she's getting hate letters under her door because she's a lesbian. Police catch her slipping the notes under her own down on security camera footage.
  • 2012, Montclair State University, two black roommates claim racist, sexist message has been slipped under their door. They are arrested later for of false reporting, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct the next week when its shown that they wrote the note.
  • 2012, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, a black student claims she was sent a list of racial threats including a 'hit list' of students to be targeted. Authorities investigating the case find the student sent the letters to herself. Police were tipped off by how the only name spelled right on the list was her own.
  • 2012, this one is a bit different. A black man and white woman received a package in the mail containing a noose and a picture of the murdered body of Nicole Simpson. Police track down the perpetrator and find it is a black man, a PhD who said "My motivation was stirred by, again, the presidential election. It doesn’t bother me in the least bit that someone date someone outside of their race." The crime was real, but the hate part was a hoax designed to influence the presidential race.
  • 2012, lesbian and former University of Nebraska basketball player crawled out of her home bleeding and crying for help. Someone had carved anti-homosexual slurs into her skin with a blade, she claimed. Police investigated and found she'd foreshadowed the crime on her Facebook page and she later admitted to having done it herself to sway debate on a 'fairness ordinance' designed to give special protections to homosexuals.
  • 2012: A lesbian couple find "Kill the gay" spraypainted on their condo garage door.  Frightened they turn to the police, who later find that it was the lesbians themselves who did it, to frame the neighbors they dislike.
This is part of the Faux Hate Crime Series.

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