Monday, November 12, 2012


2000 zero zero party over, oops out of time
now I'm gonna party like its 1999

After some time off and reflection, I've decided to keep up with Word Around the Net, but with a different approach.  I had been treating WATN as a job, plugging away at it no matter how I felt or what was going on, and driving hard to get regular content out every day.  I don't want to keep doing that, because the job wasn't paying and I need my energy for other things.
So my plan is to post here irregularly, when something comes up or I have ideas.  And the tone will be different as well.  I don't want to follow or examine politics any longer, save when they touch on culture or ideas indirectly.  They're depressing and frustrating and honestly politics are irrelevant to my life now.
Call me a crazy man or a demented conspirator, but I see America as a write off now.  The grand experiment of the constitution, liberty, and democracy has failed.  Over and over the founders and other writers such as DeTocqueville and even Heinlein warned that a democracy can only survive as long as its members are virtuous.
The reason for this is plain enough.  Once the voters become selfish, greedy, hedonistic, and short sighted, then all they will vote for is goodies for themselves, whether poor people demanding they not need to work or earn their pay or rich people demanding government help them get richer and stop competitors.
And there's a flip side to this.  A virtuous government will avoid corruption and do what they are supposed to, follow the constitution and act honorably.  One without virtue will do whatever it takes to implement what they want to see, embrace corruption, work with cronies to enrich themselves and those who help them do so, and most of all will break the law, cheat, and violate the rules because they know when they're in power nobody but them can investigate.
According to a recent news story, UN elections monitors and European press were astounded that the US has no Voter ID.  They could not believe that anyone would go on the honor system for an election at the national level.  In the past, a more virtuous people and government could be trusted to be honorable and vote more honestly.  Not so today.  It isn't that voter fraud is new, its that it was more limited and not so much national.
All that is over, and with it, the Republic.  America still stands in effigy, a sort of burnt out shell of its former self, but the experiment has failed.  The culture is the problem, not politics as such.  Politics reflects the popular culture, who leads and is in power is a direct reflection of the people.  Even if they cheat outrageously to gain power, they can and will only do so if the culture is willing to let it happen.
So I'll be looking at other things instead of politics, because its too late to change anything and time to pull back to friends and neighbors, to your family and community.  Those of us who are more conservative-inded should look to how Jews survive the lands they lived in and ready ourselves for a day when, God willing, the rebuilding can begin.
I'm sorry if this is depressing or sounds like I'm about to walk in front of a bus, I'm not.  I'm just very, very sad and disappointed.  So instead I'll be focusing on other aspects of life.  Movie reviews, songs, culture, depression survival stuff, food, funny things, beauty, and especially my art and writing.
When I dabbled with Twitter, it was all about my writing and other things, I deliberately avoided almost all political issues because I was trying to avoid annoying potential customers and readers.  That's what I'll be focusing on at Word Around the Net.  If you came here for political analysis, such as it was, I am sorry, but there are ten thousand other blogs out there and they will continue to wage a futile effort to influence the political realm in America.
So I won't be pouring out the multiple posts a day like I used to, and days may go by with nothing at all.  That's so I can get more energy into other things that need doing.  I would have just written WATN off, but it gives me an outlet for certain kinds of writing and keeps me in touch with at least a few people who might be interested in something else I write.
I keep reading that the use of social media expands your customer base, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to do that.  I'm just not that kind of thinker or man I guess, I just am not good at selling myself.  I don't even really know where to start.  But I'll keep plugging, maybe I can figure something out over time.
In any case, thank you for the few emails I got encouraging me to keep going.  I'll give it a try.  Assuming anyone even ever checks back here.


Anna said...

That's the benefit of having an RSS feed. La Shawn Barber has done similar things--changing tone and focus over the years--and still has readers, and so will you. I'm still interested to see what you have to say.

Eric said...

Glad to see you are hanging around, C_T! I will certainly keep checking back.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reconsidering, It was not only your political views, but all of your writings that kept me coming back. Today is a good day.

Tina said...

I'm so glad you changed your mind! I really enjoy your writing and I think we will all welcome more practical or entertaining reading for a while. :-)

Larry said...

Glad you've decided to stick around.

Dan said...

I'm glad you've reconsidered. It was pretty tough thinking I'd lost my country and one of my favorite bloggers all in the same week. If you keep writing, I'll keep coming back.

Unknown said...

I am glad you decided to keep it up, such as it is. I can only speak for myself but when I started posting just when I was feeling like something inspired me. That was when I started to enjoy the blogging a little more. said...

Glad your staying around. Have enjoyed your comments, political or otherwise, and would have been sorry to see you go. Thanks for your notes.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are sticking around... wish you weren't as demoralized as I am about the world, but I'd have missed your insights on everything, and especially the Common Knowledge posts.

Unknown said...

It may be small encouragement, but back in the WorldMagBlog days, your questions and comments changed my mind, and I've been following your blog ever since. They had an effect. Understand your frustration, but just wanted to say thank you.

Craig (aka dinglejolly back in the day)

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back. I was a bit worried that you took things too hard. The election results were very demoralizing. It's not just the results, but the underlying dichotomy in the electorate. Voters faced a very sharp distinction between the candidates and half the voters are clearly deluded and denying reality. Since I was in the minority (albeit narrowly) I'm trying to be intellectually honest with myself and questioning my own assumptions about reality. There is no doubt that that my grasp on reality was deficient in that I did not foresee the election results and did delude myself by believing arguments that polls were a bit skewed because of oversampling of Democrats, etc.
I am still trying to understand the thinking Obama voters. Were they so thoroughly persuaded by his demonization of Romney? Are their time horizons so short that they cannot see the fiscal disaster Obama is leading us to? Or is it the height of cynicism?; if your own assets are limited why worry about accumulating debt that will perforce be paid or written off by others?

Sorry I was political in my comments. I'm focusing on other issues myself now; things I have more control over. That may also be a bit of an illusion. I live in eastern PA and in the run-up to Sandy I was getting very worried about water in the basement, power outages, etc., and the general uncertainty of what disaster might ensue (none did for me), and then it occurred to me how foolish it was to be worried. It is good to be prepared, but terrible things can happen anytime, without warning, and a sword of Damocles hangs over all of our heads. It was only for a short time that I looked up and saw it clearly in focus, but now I avert my eyes and lock my gaze on my innermost objectives, unruffled by the knowledge that it will drop, but attending to cultivating the fragrant blossoms in the garden of my life.
Best regards,