Friday, October 05, 2012


"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere."
-Lee Iacocca

My book Old Habits is on Instapundit's site, at the top as of this writing!  It was kind of spendy to mail off the book, but I was hoping he'd mention it.  Sadly he didn't include that I'm an Instapundit reader, anything about the book, or that you can buy a hard copy but it's something at least.  I sent it to him weeks ago but I knew he had a backlog of books and puts only one up a day.
Likely he'll end up giving it away or selling it to a second hand book store rather than reading it, but someone will read it some day.  I'm really proud of that book, I think it turned out very well and unlike Snowberry's Veil I had it professionally edited and very carefully rewritten so its very professional.  I wish I could afford a better cover, its not in a very popular style so I doubt it pops off the shelf very well.
I toyed with the idea of a Kickstarter, and I might do it eventually but absolutely everyone I've read and spoken to says you have to have a video and I just don't want to even try to make one.  I don't care to be on camera to begin with, and I feel like an idiot talking about a book and why people should give me money.
That's probably the most frustrating and unfair part of being an author: being a good writer isn't enough, you have to sell your book too, no matter how lousy you are at selling yourself or anything else for that matter, and how little energy you have to spare.  I don't want to be the next Steven King, I just want to sell enough books to buy food and at least help pay rent.
But to do so I have to go out and get people to buy my books.  Even if I had a mega publisher behind me, I would.  They almost always require you to do signings, go to talk shows, tour, etc.  Yes, the publisher ought to put out all the work, since they take the lion's share of the money, but they don't.  I guess they have the same attitude: they don't want to sell very much either.
I wish I had a wife who was a great sales person who would handle all this for me, seems like an ideal situation.  If I did the Kickstarter, that's where the money would go: alternate cover art and a publicity/sales package deal from, where they have folks who handle that for you.  It puts books in various places and sends out press releases, talks to industry folks.  Costs about 2 grand, which is small potatoes for a Kickstarter these days.
In any case, its nice to see my book up there, so far it hasn't translated into any sales, but I'm no worse off.

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Gregoryno6 said...

All the best with the book. And when people ask 'Where do you get your ideas?' reply 'I find them behind the condoms at Woolworths.'
No, wait. That's my punchline. I'm saving it up - just in case.