Thursday, October 04, 2012


I'm wore out, just destroyed from a long day of running all over the place shopping with my mom to get ready for the trip to the coast next week.  I'll be on vacation all week next week and I think I'll just let WATN go fallow with some minor posts scheduled ahead of time to keep it from getting too stale.
As an aside, I watched Elementary, the American version of BBC's Sherlock.  On the positive side it wasn't as homosexual-focused.  On the bad side it was a pretty weak mystery, Sherlock was an unlikable scumbag, and Watson (played by Lucy Liu) was written too capable a character without being particularly interesting in the process.  I doubt it will last longer than a season.
I guess the debate went well for Romney, which is good because his 47% comment hurt him pretty badly, and this seems to have reversed the damage and blown all momentum the Obama administration was building to pieces.  Best analysis I read said that Obama tried to plug in applause points from his stump speech and just ended up looking unprepared and stammering.
That's not very good for a president, let alone a presidential candidate.  Various excuses are being offered but I wouldn't at all be surprised that it was just Obama thinking he didn't need to practice and certain he would be great at it, caught unaware.
Mists of Pandaria is better than the previous World of Warcraft expansion.  The panda race culture is interesting and unique, and the Pokemon-inspired pet battle thing is pretty fun.
I really don't have anything else to say of any value.  Enjoy the summer-like days we have left, before it gets cold and rainy and such.  God be with you all and thank you for your continued reading.  I'll rest up and try to get something good up tomorrow.  A week off will do me a lot of good, I expect.

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