Wednesday, October 24, 2012


In case you were skeptical of my debate analysis a few days back, I wanted to pass something along.  My reaction to the debates all along has been that Romney wins by not being who the Obama administration portrays him, by revealing himself to be presidential and electable.
And along comes The View, which is a collection of nearly useless women who know less about politics and economics than my cat, which is perfect for my point.  Courtesy Rush Limbaugh, here's a quote from Barbara Walters:
Before these debates, the general impression of Romney was that he wasn't too smart, and that he was very stiff, and that if he happened to be elected president, it would be a disaster.  Now, you know, I don't give my opinions here.  What you have after these three debates is that people feel, whether they want to vote for him or not, that this is a qualified man, this is an intelligent man, and this is a man who we now don't describe as stiff and totally out of touch.  What is the most important thing for Romney is that he's a different person seen by the public now than he was before the three debates.
Up to the first debate, the Obama administration had been quite successful in framing the perception of Romney in the mind of voters.  He was stiff, robotic, cold, heartless, he loved firing people, he was out of touch, an elite millionaire, and so on.
Mitt Romney demonstrated that wasn't the case. He came across as likeable, informed, dignified, presidential, professional, and capable.  Now, aside from Barbara Walters I don't know anyone who thought Romney was an idiot, but I suppose that's the default for Republicans on the left: they're all dolts unless proven otherwise.  And that was disproven, too.
What I said was accurate: Romney's job at the debates wasn't to win points, be declared the champion, utter memorable lines, or get people to laugh.  His job was to present himself as a viable choice, and he did: and that's a win for him no matter what post-debate analysis concluded.

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