Wednesday, October 17, 2012


-Detective Messer, again.

I almost gave up CSI:New York at the end of the previous season. I have to be honest, its not as good a show as it used to be, but I still like Gary Sinese, Carmine Giovinazzo, and Eddie Cahill.  There's always been stuff on the show I didn't like, such as the inevitable chase scene, the ridiculous sets and technology (hello, the interactive hologram projector??), and so on.  But that previous season's bad guy, some schlub nobody who outwits, outruns, and outfights the entire New York City police department because he's mad at his brother's death was just ridiculous.
Seeing him show up in the nursery room of Danny and Lindsay's house after falling to surf and rocks 100 feet from a lighthouse was just one kick in the teeth of plausibility too many.  Still, I put up with it, curious what they would do with Sela Ward.  Well I don't care for her psychologist character, and I don't care for her instantly filling the shoes of Mac's old buddy Stella and immediately become a superior they all run to like a den mother.  And I don't care for a lot of the stories, they've gotten kind of lame.
But the thing that pushed it over the top was the last episode I saw OnDemand.  I don't remember her name, just that she was the new detective, someone to work with Flack and obviously to be a love interest for him.  She shows up in a trashy undercover outfit and single-handedly takes down a huge, burly man who throws other cops around like popcorn.  It was obviously an attempt to introduce her as tough and capable (ala Nancy Allen's character in Robocop, but she did it much better), but it failed utterly.  It just didn't look realistic or reasonable at all.
And the problem is she's supposed to be a New York City police detective with years, not weeks or days but several years of experience as an undercover detective with vice.  And she looks like she's about 22 years old.  When did she start in the academy, at 12?  I get that they want someone pretty but she looks like a child, its ridiculous.  I've had enough.
I was barely hanging on to begin with, but the show lost its edge years ago, is too prone to huge, epic story arcs that defy plausibility, too many massive serial killers for even New York City to sustain, and they lost the feel that gave it such a nice experience to watch.  Gone is Sinise's influence to make it more about the city and honoring troops, the police, hard work, and America.  Its just not any good any more, and really should have been folded a couple years back.
Sadly, the show has been moved in its time slot, which means they know its in trouble and are trying to find a spot people will watch it.  CSI: NY used to be a top five show, but its just not very good any more.

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vanderleun said...

YOu got that right. And for all the right reasons. I'm giving up on it as well.