Monday, October 29, 2012


"After my election I have more flexibility"

You know, as bad as stuff like Iran-Contra and Watergate were, at least they didn't have a bodycount.  President Obama's scandals keep ending up bloody and murderous, from his early days with the Illinois Senate fighting to starve babies born to botched abortions to Fast & Furious with its beheaded and mutilated bodies to the raped and murdered consulate staff in Libya.  
Its one thing to gin up false charges and fire off the White House Travel office, or to sneak missile tech to China for under the table donations through Buddhist monasteries, but these scandals are almost unbelievable.
And it all seems to stem from a president who believes that anything he does, for any cause, must be right and acceptable - and a press that will protect him at all costs.  The pattern was established with the illegal foreign contributions in 2008, after all winning the White House justified the lawbreaking.  It continued through a consistent and repeated use of agencies and presidential orders to bypass congress and apply policy unconstitutionally, and its found the worst expression with dead people around the world.
This isn't just a president who does a bad job, has bad policy, and surrounds himself with radical ideologues who do a poor job.  He's got blood on his hands and apparently no conscience whatsoever.  And nobody, nobody can or will stop him unless we do in November.
I know this probably reads like some of the more hysterical diatribes against President Bush but look at the facts; all the radical, crazy things that the left accused president Bush of doing, President Obama is actually implementing but instead of having a hostile press fighting him, he's got a fawning press protecting him.  And on top of all that, there are stacks of dead Americans.
This man must not be rewarded with another term in office.  Especially not a lame duck term, a term where he need not concern himself with reelection. Yes, the increasingly crass, low class, and sleazy language and advertising of the campaign is disgusting, but when a president's active policies end up with death and blood like this, that's cause for at the very least removal from office.

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