Wednesday, September 12, 2012


"Imagine a world in which admitting your attraction to busty women or tall men led to alienation, jail time, or your murder."

Disgusted Girl
In the past I've written several times on a very touchy and quease-inducing subject, one that I hesitate to write about each time because I try very hard to keep this a family-friendly blog that someone can be comfortable with their child reading. I try to keep language safe for work, I try to avoid topics that are too racy, or at least deal with them in as mature and careful a way as possible.

But if I'm going to write about society, culture, ethics, and philosophy, sometimes the topic of sex is going to come up. And in a society as sex-driven and sexually obsessed as western cultures are, sometimes that's going to go awkward or even hideous places.

Which brings me to a recent Gawker article. Called "Born This Way: Sympathy and Science for Those Who Want to Have Sex with Children" the topic is delivered as a discussion of pedophilia and how it should be approached. The author Cord Jefferson (yes, that sounds like something from a soap opera to me, too) writes:
But there is a growing number of researchers, many of them out of Canada, whose work suggests that pedophilia is an illness deserving of the public's sympathy the way any brain disorder is. Some of the scientists say pedophilia is a sexual orientation, meaning that it's unchangeable, regardless of how much jail time or beatings or therapy someone is dealt. Others have reason to believe that pedophiles are born that way, and that some of them will suffer through entire lives without hurting a single child.
Jefferson's response is that this should change how we approach jailing these people, because they tend to get beaten or murdered in prison. Sympathy is more what we should offer, not hatred. Testifying before the Canadian Parliament, Dr Dr. Hubert Van Gijseghem said:
It is a fact that real pedophiles account for only 20 percent of sexual abusers. If we know that pedophiles are not simply people who commit a small offence from time to time but rather are grappling with what is equivalent to a sexual orientation just like another individual may be grappling with heterosexuality or even homosexuality, and if we agree on the fact that true pedophiles have an exclusive preference for children, which is the same as having a sexual orientation, everyone knows that there is no such thing as real therapy. You cannot change this person's sexual orientation.
He's referring to people who exclusively desire children, not teenagers, not a mix of young and old, but only children. These are people who have a specific and innate sexual orientation, a preference that is part of them, not imposed. Johnson goes on:
Imagine a world in which admitting your attraction to busty women or tall men led to alienation, jail time, or your murder. Older gay men can probably remember such an era, but nowadays most sexual appetites have been mainstreamed to the point of banality. Pedophiles, for obvious reasons, don't enjoy the same kind of tolerance, and thus it seems as if they may be locked forever in a sexual prison from the moment they're born.
Now, ordinarily when someone brings up this sort of parallel, they are immediately attacked as a horrible person for comparing homosexuality with pedophilia, but he's doing so in a way so as to generate sympathy for the pedophile, not condemnation for the homosexual.

And that's how it started with the homosexual. Sure, they're disgusting and all but its natural for them and its just their sexual orientation, surely we should be more sympathetic. Its not a mental illness, its just how they're born. From that point it developed into an argument of being natural and thus not wrong, like being left handed instead of right. Different, but harmless. Who are we to say its wrong? None of our business.

Hit Girl AimingJohnson argues that some pedophiles never touch a child, then goes on to say if we stopped being so mean to pedophiles they'd be less likely to act out on their lusts which is just demented. The less societal pressure and shame attached to an act, the more likely someone is to carry it out, not less.

But Cord Johnson is not outwardly stating pedophilia is okay right? Well, not quite but he's nudging ever closer to it with each line. Johnson ends his article with this bit: "One imagines that if Jesus ever came to Earth, he'd embrace the poor, the blind, the lepers, and, yes, the pedophiles." See the parallel there? Sick with a disease? Low on funds? Unable to see? Basically the same as the pedophile. Just a difference, maybe a sad one. There's nothing wrong with being a pedophile, according to Johnson, as long as you don't act on it. Because its natural.

And that's stage one of the move toward normalizing it. Because if its not wrong then how can you argue that it ought not be carried out?

But look at that term: sexual orientation. Some people find that shocking and horrible. How can you say its just an orientation! That sounds like its just something people can do. It must be called an evil. It must be called horrible. The problem here is that people think anything sexual is perfectly fine.

Anything, I mean that literally. Because they refuse to call rape sex. They call it "violence" or some other term, because they cannot call it sex. It is, obviously. It is an evil, horrific violation, it is violent, but that doesn't make it not sex. Looking over the statistics on rape you can see that its mostly younger more attractive women who get raped. Similarly it is that case for young girls who get abused, the cuter they are, the more likely. Its about sexual attraction, it is sex.

The horrible place we as a nation have gotten to is that presumption: sex is okay, good, wonderful, always a positive thing. That it feels good, so it must be good. That calculus means that sex we condemn has to be redefined as not sex. Rape is violence. Molesting children is sickness. Sex with animals is animal abuse.

But an inclination toward wanting sex exclusively with children - or goats, whatever - is a sexual orientation. That doesn't make it right or natural. That doesn't change its ethical and moral character. Sometimes sex is not wise, sometimes its just wrong. Not everything that feels good actually is good. Ethical dictates come from outside us, not from within, or created by situations. Something is right or wrong because it is right or wrong, not because the situation calls for it or we've decided its okay these days.

As I wrote about a while back on the subject, the shift toward normalizing pedophilia is inevitable, unless something in society changes to block this "progress" toward corruption.
I've seen this pattern before, because it played out in my life time with homosexuality. Back in the 70s people thought homosexual behavior was not just repugnant and weird but wrong. Now, most people think homosexual behavior (in theory at least) is weird but perfectly acceptable - just not for them. Someone who stands up and says "hey, this is wrong" is shouted down with bitter anger. They are considered sick and horrid for saying such a thing. What was once good is considered bad, what was once evil is considered good.

Did anyone really think this was going to stop? That there would be any limit to how far this slouch goes? Progressivism knows no limits. Ever. Each new step is a bold advance toward progress and greater evolution of human tolerance and understanding, no matter what the cost. What was once horrid is now embraced, step by step.
The same arguments, the same societal shift, the same cultural changes are already underway for group marriages, and they'll eventually be done with this horror. After all, pedophilia was normal for Greece, look at how well they prospered? How can you argue its bad for a society or for children, who are you to tell them how they should use their bodies? I thought you were for freedom, you hater. Those will be the arguments.

The shows where a pedophile who is noble and good and his little girl lover is wise and kind and happy. The sympathetic portrayals of someone struggling with their sexual orientation against a cruel and unforgiving (usually Christian, southern, and white) society. The 'brave' movies about sex with young people as being normal - France has already led the way with several. Its in our future. You can deny that all you want, claiming somehow, the line will be drawn here. You can claim things will never get that bad, that we wouldn't let it happen. You watch and see; the culture has already started on the path.


Eric said...

It stil boils down to there being a clear victim in one case and not in the other. Even if we as a society were to redefine pedophilia as being a sexual orientation like heterosexuaity or homosexuality, the fact remains that you can't logically expect a 7-year-old to be capable giving informed consent to a sexual relationship. The child will always be a victim in this relationship, and that will prevent it from being normalized in the way homosexuality is becoming normalized.

Anonymous said...


Pedophilia cannot be equated with other sex acts (irrespective of where you view them on the spectrum of normality and deviancy), because of the inability of one party to provide informed consent no matter how precocious the underage party may seem to be. It isn't and cannot be truly voluntary, which is the same reason that sex with the severely mentally retarded, etc. is considered statutory rape.

Even if you have a very liberal view on sexuality, there is still sex that is inappropriate and should be refrained from. People need to deal with that.

P.S. I'm surprised alleged pederast Harry Reid hasn't chimed in to support the pedophiles. Has he ever answered the charges against him, or is he maintaining his stony silence?


Christopher R Taylor said...

Yeah you keep clinging to the idea that present definitions of consent and victim will be maintained.

Anonymous said...

No, I cling to a machete. If pedophiles go after my kin they will lose more than their prevert hankerins.


Anonymous said...

P.S. As a point of historical fact Mohammed actually was arguably also a pedophile. I know they are all worked up about that, but he was not a nice person.

And it strikes me as very strange that although he is emphatically not to be considered divine, the reverence shown by Muslims to Mohammed approaches idolatry.


Eric said...

"Yeah you keep clinging to the idea that present definitions of consent and victim will be maintained."

I'm just saying that normalizing homosexuality did not require redefining consent and victimhood. In fact, to the degree it has been normalized, it has largely been based on a logical appeal to our traditional understanding of those concepts. It would require a much broader distortion and redefinition of cultural norms to normalize pedophilia than it did homosexuality.

Anonymous said...

Well Eric, I would also hope that pedophilia will never be normalized in our society, but it was among the ancient Greeks and still is among many Muslim and Hindu people. There seems to be a high correlation between ignorance (better educated Hindus at least seem to be appalled by it), but perversely in our cultural it tends to be the educated elites that sympathize with the argument that from a moral relativism standpoint pedophilia is a viable alternative.

Forget about appeals to reason. I say it's dads with machetes that keep things in check.