Tuesday, September 11, 2012


"With liberty and justice for all"

Massad Ayoob is a former police officer, a firearms and self defense instructor who has written over a thousand books on various related topics. Among the various works he's done are a series of videos available on Youtube on topics such as the proper use of lethal force, how to deal with the police, when to open the door to a stranger or not, and so on.

One that is of particular interest and value, particularly ever since the Zimmerman/Martin shooting is a talk about self defense and the "Stand Your Ground" laws that some states have. He cuts through the hype and confusion and carefully and with an interesting delivery, explains these laws and why they exist.

He also clearly explains how the Zimmerman case should be ruled, although he does not overtly do so. His story about a man who shoots in self defense when being attacked by multiple aggressors and has his life essentially ruined because there was no clear law in place makes the case very well. I recommend viewing this video. Its just over 16 minutes long but you won't notice the time, and you don't have to watch, you can just listen while you do something else.

If you are unclear on Castle Doctrine, when lethal force is justified, or what the Stand Your Ground laws are about, please do give this a try. Hint: it doesn't mean you can just gun down someone you don't like.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think he makes it pretty clear that the prosecution of Zimmerman is prosecutorial misconduct, just like the Jay Rodney Lewis case that was that he describes later in his talk.