Friday, September 14, 2012


"My fellow Americans..."

President Romney?
Let's say Mitt Romney wins in November, as looks likely to me. What should he do first? How should he proceed? Well here's what I would advise him to do the first 100 days, to immediately set a tone and get started.

First off, he should have a philosophy of service, starting out not as a ruler or leader, but as a servant of the American people. That very starting point would affect every decision and action from that point on. He should underpromise, being modest and restrained in his statements and predictions, but overdeliver. Scotty built a legacy of being super competent with this little trick on Star Trek.

More specifically, here are tangible, easy to achieve goals:

  • Announce that you will not be taking a single dollar of pay as President of the United States. You're rich enough to live on what you have.
  • Immediately examine all spending by the executive branch, cutting back what is not needed, eliminating duplication, and slimming down the government. This means a lot of jobs will be lost, necessarily.
  • Redefine inflation to be more realistic and accurate, including food and energy prices, and stripping out so many of the tricks added over decades to protect sitting presidents. The American people can have no confidence in their government if they are being gamed with every inflation report. Issue a report covering the last two years showing actual, real inflation to set the tone before your first inflation report.
  • Unemployment should be done the same way. Add in the people who are unable to find their first job and those who are eligible to work but have given up looking, presently not listed. Again, list the last 2 years with this to set the stage for your first announcement.
  • Candidate Obama in 2008 had some great ideas that a President Romney should actually carry out whereas the Obama administration left them at the door. For example, every bill that can be shown to the American public should be posted 48 hours on the White House website before signing.
  • Immediately and completely suspend all implementation, rules writing, and enforcement of the ACA "Obamacare" act, pending congressional action. Reverse any agency rules, regulations, and actions taken to implement the bill.
  • Implement an immediate, exhaustive, and outside audit of all executive branch agencies, jobs, and spending. Require the report within the first six months.
  • Itemize and examine every single regulation and rule change the Obama administration created and implemented since President Obama took office. Keep any good ones, and reverse every single questionable or bad one.
  • Start up a system of doing the same for every administration, one by one, going back to the McKinley administration.
  • Do the same thing for all executive orders, one administration at a time. Clean house, demonstrating specific, immediate interest in changing how things are done at the executive branch and setting a unique tone for the federal government.
  • Implement a strong, specific response to Embassy violence, including a greater US military force protecting these agencies, and projecting force to demonstrate that attacks on US soil and ambassador staff will not be tolerated or met with mere words.
  • Change policy so that a greater emphasis is placed on capturing and gaining intelligence from terrorists, not merely killing them.
  • Direct the ICE to aggressively investigate and punish businesses hiring illegal immigrants, work harder at deporting illegal immigrants discovered, and work even harder to reform the immigration system to streamline it, making it faster, cheaper, and easier to get into the US legally.
  • Lay out a legislative agenda you'd like to see congress implement, including tax reform, total repeal of the ACA without exception, audits of congressional staff and pay, and real, specific cuts in all agencies, across the board to remove duplication, fraud, waste, corruption, and misuse of funds. Work on cutting off foreign aid to nations that are clearly hostile toward and enemies of the United States of America.
Most of these efforts (other than the 'obamacare' ones) are non partisan and focus on what the executive branch can do to be more accountable, transparent, and show real interest in reducing spending at home before expecting anyone else to do so.

The agency changes would enrage many on the left, because that's the most specific and powerful way they are implementing their agenda, but it has to be done in order to make a clear statement of change from the previous administration's virtual war on business. There are a lot of other areas that need to be addressed, but these are critical ones that I believe would make real progress toward helping reverse the economy and real change in how the government is not only perceived but actually works.

I doubt a single one will be done.


Pops said...

Shut down the EPA.

Christopher R Taylor said...

Well that should be on the congressional agenda. It was created by law, so he can't just shut it down. He can minimize it and ignore its more goofy ideas, he can replace a lot of the staff. But he can't just delete it.

Unknown said...

You are right he would probably do none of those things. But I am also still skeptical that he will win. I am feeling more and more that his whole mess may come down to a tie breaker of some sort.

I am not sure if Obama's ineffectiveness trumps Ronmeys' rich, robber baron personality for most people.

I can state for a fact that for my protestant christian parents Romneys' Mormonism is going to cause them too vote for Obama or too not vote at all. There is a large group of their age that are trouble by this but the Republican party does not seem to want to recognize it.