Wednesday, September 12, 2012


""We consistently stand up for Muslims around the world and talk abt how Islam is a wonderful religion."
-US State Department tweet

An extended, lousy economy, Middle Eastern states turning radical Muslim, embassies attacked and burned, this time a dead ambassador... seems like we've seen this all before. And this time Iran is building nukes. When an embassy is attacked, that's an act of aggression against US citizens and soil. When an ambassador is killed, that's an act of war. What will the Obama administration do?

Dead AmbassadorBurned US Flag

Why we have active embassies in Libya and Egypt right now to begin with is a matter of curiosity to me. So far, the Obama administration isn't taking any questions on Libya and Egypt... and the press isn't asking the "foreign policy president" any. Neither attack made the front page of the New York Times. They've learned since the Carter days, there's no mention of "malaise," either.

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