Wednesday, September 12, 2012


"Please, now more than ever, Americans look after your country"

On this day, after 9/11, the world aside from celebrating Muslims around the world, sat soberly, in shock, and in solidarity with the United States after the horrific attack by radical Muslim terrorists. As a gesture of this unanimity of support, England offered a historical first. Instead of playing "God Save the Queen" at the changing of the guards, the Coldstream Guards played "The Star-Spangled Banner," the anthem of the United States of America.

Children waved American flags. Tears were on people's faces. Everyone knew what this meant and how horrible, unwarranted, and evil the attack was. Eleven years ago. Do you think in 1952 they had a hard time remembering and caring about Pearl Harbor? Do you think NBC would shrug off a moment of silence and show a piece about a Kardashian girl getting breast implants? By this that time there had been several movies about the treacherous attack and the heroism of the people involved from Hollywood.

We live in a different nation now, and not a better one in this instance, at least.

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