Wednesday, September 05, 2012


"What the hell??"
-"Scoop" Jackson

I didn't watch the Democratic National Convention last night, as I rarely watch any conventions - Eastwood's speech being the exception this year. However they did show a video at the convention like often happens these days, and I heard about it. The video? “Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To.” If you really want to watch it, a portion of that video is below.

Thomas Jefferson, one of the founders of the Democratic Party would have taken one look and grabbed his rifle. This is one of the most shocking and awful things I have ever seen or heard in my life from a major American political party.

The very foundation and core principle of the United States of America is that government belongs to us. That the people hold all the power and allow a few specific elected representatives carry out our will by lending them a small portion of that power temporarily. That's the American system, that's what the founding fathers fought for, and that's the surest way to protect liberty. That's how the US Constitution was conceived, why the Declaration of Independence was written, and why the United States came into being to begin with.

The idea that we all belong to the government as some kind of club, that government is the core and direction of our lives and the nation is absolutely reprehensible at every possible level to Americans. That violates every basic principle of the nation and should be repulsive to each and every citizen.

The Obama campaign has basically disavowed the video, saying "well that wasn't a Democratic Party video" and noting that it was put out as a welcome by the Charlotte Democrat Host committee, but it ends with a Democratic party logo, and it was proudly shown the first night of the convention. There's no possible way this thing was sprung on the convention by surprise, they saw it, they liked it, and they approved of it. Its part of the convention, its part of the party.

What they don't like is how people are responding to the video, not anything in the video its self. And it is simply inconceivable to me how an American political party could possibly have gotten so very far off the track, so separate from America and its heritage to even think this is acceptable or not noteworthy until people screamed in horror.

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