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"Happy birthday, Julia Child!"

President Obama assured us that unless we passed the "stimulus" package, America would see unemployment rates as high as 8%! How are we doing with that plan, Mister President?

Oh. Yeah. Are you better off now than you were 7 trillion dollars ago?

"King" Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners threw a perfect game against the Rays. He threw 12 strike outs and completed the first perfect game Mariners history (surprising given the talent they've had on the mound over the years) in the most dominating pitching performance I've seen since Orel Hershiser's record setting streak. No hits, no walks, no runs, no errors. In the history of baseball since the late 1800s, there have only been 23 perfect games pitched. There's been two three (see comments) this year, with San Francisco Giants ace Matt Cain pitching the earlier one. We're in the most dominant pitching year baseball has seen since 1968.

President Obama is accusing the Republican Party of "swiftboating" him over leaks, particularly the classified information slipped to filmmakers working on a movie about the announcement of Osama Bin Laden's death. Its odd how the left uses that term, since they mean "lie and slander" when every word the Swiftboat guys said was true.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama is out telling people that women will die of cancer if Mitt Romney is elected president and America returns to Clinton-era spending. Apparently it was a horrific time of death and disaster, if you believe the Democrats.

General Motors is owned a third by the US federal government, a third by the United Auto Workers union (yes, the union has to negotiate with... its self), and a third by original stockholders. We keep being told they are doing great and turning it around, but behind the scenes, Louis Woodhill at Forbes reports that GM is headed for another bankruptcy. I'd like to believe that a President Romney would let them go through the process and courts to restructure instead of seizing control of the company to protect the UAW like President Obama did, but who knows.

Portland's former parking manager for the city is facing criminal charges for taking bribes from companies. It seems certain parking meter companies wanted contracts to supply devices to the city and Ellis McCoy is being indicted for taking gifts from these companies to favor them. Not that this is somehow unique, I just wanted to note that Chicago isn't the only place where corruption takes place.

Democrat leaders are demanding certain topics be left out of the upcoming Presidential debates. Tomer Ovadia at Politico, via Ace of Spades HQ reports:
Reps. Mike Honda (D-Calif.), Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) and Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) [cried] foul, writing in their own letter to the debate commission on Tuesday that although the Simpson-Bowles commission’s plan “may contain proposals helpful to our recovery…to hold it out as the only pathway to fiscal responsibility and economic success is foolish and wrong.”

“We urge the [Debate] Commission to fight any effort to unnecessarily narrow such an important debate by placing disproportionate attention on one set of proposals over another,” they wrote, adding that such a question would “cheapen the debate” and “thwart the candidates’ ability to explain alternative proposals.”
Mostly because the president utterly blew off the commission, which echoed and praised Ryan's plan in many areas. The representatives then went on to demand that no one bring up the economy, unemployment, Fast and the Furious, or the New Black Panther Party to which Charles Gibson quipped "what, who? Never heard of all that."

When Paul Ryan campaigned at the Iowa State Fair, he was greeted by supporters and a few troublemakers, including some who charged the stage and one whom reportedly punched a volunteer. The USA Today reported the hecklers as "spirited." I kid you not.

Just in case you need reminding, High Fructose Corn Syrup might not taste as good as cane sugar but it is no more harmful than any other kind of sugar. I just wish they'd stop putting in everything.

Bellingham Washington has so many Canadian customers driving south over the border to buy goods from the Costco that the store established American-only hours so local shoppers have a better chance to get supplies and parking spaces. However, the store's website and phones were hammered with so many complaints - often insulting and nationalistic screeds by Canadians - that they are shutting down the practice.

So a woman musician (I use the term loosely) mocked Putin in Russia and she has been sentenced to two years for "hooliganism" which is basically a catch-all term for "things which annoy the crime syndicate running Russia." I suppose she should be glad nobody salted her with Polonium. The Obama administration quickly issued a condemnation of the event stating that the prison sentence was ... disproportionate. So, what would the proportionate amount of punishment for free speech be, in your eyes, guys? Just how much official sanction should mocking a politician receive eh?

Wind power accounts for almost 11% of all power generated in Oregon, according to the US Department of Energy. Oddly, wind generated electricity accounts for only 5% of the power used in Oregon. These wind farms are very heavily subsidized, with 30% cash grants to build the farms from the federal government. Whether they can sustain any sort of demand for energy is doubtful, particularly when the federal money is reduced.

Jesse Jackson's daughter was on Fox News Channel recently and she was not amused by Joe Biden's "chains" comment:
It’s one thing to become familial. It’s another thing to become familiar. And familiarity breeds contempt. And, this is very very close to being contemptuous. These remarks were insulting.
She called for him to apologize.

Like it or not, new federal rules requiring "black box" recorders placed in cars will be implemented on September 1st in the USA. That means new car models will start having these devices hooked into the cars to record everything you do while you drive. I expect a major new industry in bypassing or removing these trackers to spring up, because I have no confidence that even a Romney administration would reverse the requirement.

Soledad O'Brian is a pretty face on CNN who has been caught getting fed Wikipedia information on Racial theories through an earpiece and now has been caught looking at a print off of a leftist blog to respond about Ryan's budget plan. Soledad claims she only wanted the quote from Representative Ron Wyden (D-OR) but why did she have the whole article printed out and in her hands? I mean, its one thing for some hack on MSNBC to do this but at CNN? Its like having someone on ABC reading from my blog, that's just ridiculous. Go to the source if you want information, not some analysis and thoughts from a blogger.

President Obama wants to raise taxes on the wealthy in America. He frames it as "ending the Bush tax cuts" but those took place almost a decade ago. People in college now were in grade school when they took place. The problem is, even if he succeeds, it won't make a dent in the defict, as Eric Erickson points out at Redstate:
In fact, if we get the Democrats’ their wet dream of tax policy and take 100% of all annual income of everyone making $250,000.00 a year or more, we still won’t close Barack Obama’s budget deficit.
That's just the deficit for this year's budget, not the whole massive US deficit.

VA FilesHere's an example of why most people don't want the US Federal government in charge of health insurance. The Veteran's Administration office is so poorly run and organized that it has 37,000 files stacked on top of filing cabinets. That's in addition to all the files inside the filing cabinets. The mass of all these files is so great that the floor is visibly sagging, having exceeded the floor's capacity by 39 pounds per square foot. Oh but they'd handle health insurance much better.

Joan (of Aargh!) has an interesting suggestion: get involved with your local TV and radio station programming. Don't like what they show? Can't stand the content? Is it offensive, insulting, lousy? Why aren't you doing something about it other than complaining to your friends on Facebook? If they're local they are much more likely to listen to you (visits, emails, letters) than the networks. You don't need to protest or have a sit-in, but why not show up and make sure they understand how much you dislike it? If more folks on the right did so, chances are they'd be more willing to listen. Don't just hope the Neilsen families do it for you.

Back in 2008 when running for the presidency, Barack Obama noted that Medicare and Medicaid are the country's biggest unfunded liabilities, the two programs that were the biggest disasters waiting to happen, followed by Social Security. He also said he'd work hard to reform them in office. In the place of reform, a 2700 page monstrosity nobody truly understands was offered and any attempts to actually reform the programs is called evil and portrayed as throwing grandma off a cliff. Just another reminder.

According to a worker at Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISACorps), state employees were coerced to attend a political event involving Jesse Jackson and Nancy Pelosi. A signed affadvait alleges that over 70 employees were compelled to attend a political event at taxpayer expense. Well, I'm sure that helped attendance numbers.

Progressive Insurance was named because it was considered a left-leaning alternative to the more rural Farmer's and State Farm insurance companies. At Premium Fisher, Matt Fisher writes all about how his sister's insurance payments were used by Progressive to pay for laywers to defend the men who killed her in an auto collision to avoid having to pay off on her health insurance. I have no doubt that this is not uncommon among all insurance companies, to be fair. I just can't stand that Flo character in the ads.

Over at INC Magazine, Hollis Thomases writes that you shouldn't hire some twenty-something run your social media. He lists a lot of obvious reasons like "they're too young to be responsible" and "they tend to think things are funny that harm the company" but really, it should be kind of obvious. I mean, do you want someone who thinks Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the best show on television representing your company online?

Although angrily insisting it isn't true, the Obama administration gutted the work requirement of welfare reform completed in the 90s by Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton. He did so by signing an executive order giving agencies control over how the aid is handed out rather than states (funny, the law says the states do it), and already the work requirement for food stamps has been abandoned.

Jake Tapper is almost alone in his work as a journalist, seemingly the last reporter who seems to understand that politicians and those in power are the natural prey and enemy of journalism. If Mitt Romney is elected, I fully expect him to hold that man's feet to the fire too. Recently, Tapper questioned White House spokesman Jay Carney, asking if President Obama's repeated reference to Seamus the dog is part of his call for "important policy debate" that he claims Romney is avoiding, and Carney claimed it was just a joke used a few times. Tapper then wondered why the White House is focusing on what he called "Cable Catnip" which I think is such a brilliant term. Stuff like the Seamus crack are the kind of thing that 24 hour news shows and talking heads just fixate on and roll around rubbing against their face ignoring the rest of the world.

Attempting to get out of an affair that resulted in pregnancy, a Navy Submarine Commander faked his own death. Sounds like something out of NCIS (actually I think I saw that episode). He has been charged with "conduct unbecoming of an officer" which is understating it a bit, I think.

Dave Mustaine is a great musician, but I remember well in 1992 him being in a "Rock the Vote" ad on MTV saying "just vote, it doesn't matter who you vote for, just vote!" Yeah, great advice Dave. Well he's more libertarian these days, and perhaps he always was but he's being goofy again:
[Obama]’s trying to pass a gun ban, so he's staging all of these murders, like the 'Fast And Furious' thing down at the border; [the massacre in] Aurora, Colorado, all the people that were killed there; and now the beautiful people at the Sikh temple
Mustaine is supposedly cleaned up from the heroin and so on, so its hard to figure what he was thinking here.

Finally, trying to keep Joe Biden in line and handle his goofy statements can't be easy. So its no surprise his team is trying to edit the press. Jonathan Martin at Politico reports:
What’s perhaps most striking about the Biden staff’s attempts at press management is its effort to influence what goes in the pool reports from his off-schedule stops. Because the entire press corps cannot easily jam in, say, a diner or private home, it is standard practice to have a single designated reporter take notes and share the material with colleagues from other news organizations. These reports are designed entirely for the media, but are distributed by White House staffers. In the case of Obama, as with his predecessors, the reports are simply forwarded without comment by email to a news media distribution list.

But on two occasions during Biden’s Virginia trip, his staff sought to have certain elements in the reports highlighted while reporters drafted them and discussed the contents with the reporters after the summaries had been sent but before they had before sent to the broader media.

Staffers spinning reporters to frame events the best they can is, of course, commonplace in politics. But attempting to intervene in the drafting of accounts that reporters share with one another is all but unheard of and reflects the deep concern Biden’s team has about offering any fodder to the opposition.
Its one thing to spin, but its another entirely to try to rewrite reports to protect your politician. Even the Obama-serving legacy media can't help reporting on Biden's lunacy.

And that's the Word Around the Net for August 17, 2012.

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Three perfect games this year. Phillip Humber pitched a perfect game earlier this year against the Mariners, making this the fourth time in history that more than one perfect game has been itched in the same stadium. Old Yankee Stadium, Oakland Coliseum and Dodger stadium.