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Through the lies
Through the storms
Through the cries
And through the wars
Oh, I still believe
-The Call, "I Still Believe"

Although you've probably seen this news elsewhere, I'm going to push it here to make sure and do my part to get the news out. When GM was 'restructured' by the Obama administration taking it over a third of it and giving another third to the Union, he made sure the jobs and pensions that were lots were non-union. Like how the GM auto lots that were close were predominantly those owned by GOP donors, the non-union workers weren't even allowed into negotiations by Treasury Department order.

Speaking of Obama and GM, he's stated that the turnaround of the company (which is a ridiculous fiction) is so great he wants to do that with "do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry." Now, did he mean just "keep the jobs at home" or did he mean "socialize every industry in America like I did GM?" The left is scrambling to insist it means the former, but if he meant that, he wasn't very clear about it in the speech. Given the fact that the speech was about pouring billions of federal dollars into "green" energy and GM, its hard to avoid the conclusion that he meant that, at least.

Does anyone use the "my documents" folders to keep their stuff on Windows or do they make folders for themselves like I do? I wish I knew how to change the default pointer for Windows Vista and 7 to where I want, it would save a lot of time.

Dennis Miller has a suggestion for the Republican National Convention: have a counter showing the debt piling up very visibly and prominently displayed through the entire thing. At the end, he thinks this is what should show:
As Romney finishes his speech, the debt clock is stopped, "God bless America" is said, and the lights are turned out. The cameras then zoom in on the red LED read-out of those billions that have been added to the national debt throughout the week—holding there for a full minute, giving plenty of time for the stakes to sink in. Then, after that moment of silence, crank up "I Still Believe" by the Call, and send the delegates, staffers, volunteers, and American voters off to fight the good fight through November 6.
That sounds pretty good to me. But maybe I'm biased because I love that song.

According to a new book about Rod Blagojevich former Illinois governor, Barack Obama took money from Tony Rezko.
According to the book, Blagojevich was repeating “a story that (he) had heard that he believed” when he spoke of the $25,000 in cash from Rezko. Talking to his then-chief of staff John Harris shortly after Obama’s election, Blagojevich said he had heard that Rezko had given the cash to Bruce Washington, who has held jobs with the state, Cook County and the city school district.
Now, Blags is hardly the most reliable and trustworthy man in the world, but that is the Chicago way of kickbacks, favors, and politics.

Konstantin Khazin is on the Neighborhood Watch in a San Diego neighborhood, patrolling and keeping an eye out for crime. And that was his excuse when police found him naked in a woman's bed after she called 9/11 upon finding him. He was fighting the crime of not being naked enough in other people's houses.

CNN did a report on the troubles and terrors that girls face when trying to go to school in Afghanistan. They bring up poison, acid, shootings, burnings, explosions, beatings and even the threat of rape that girls face just for trying to learn to read. All that's missing from the report is the fact that its radical Muslims who are doing all this. They mention the word "Taliban" and they talk about culture, but never Islam.

Last week's jobs report had a shred of good news in it: more jobs created than the birth rate, which means some jobs had actually been created. However, as Larry Kudlow reports at National Review Online there's a lot of really bad news hidden in the report. For example, the small business jobs plummeted by almost 200,000. And when you count people who never have found work or those who have given up the actual rate is closer to 15%.

What political party does your neighbor belong to? There's an app for that! While this is handy for political advertising and polling, it does make a lot of people feel very uncomfortable. The political party most people belong to is "none of your damn business" according to my informal polling data, and I suspect that isn't uncommon.

Zombie visited Berkeley California and took some pictures. Its hard to decide whats more depressing, is it the manhole cover that misspells the city's name? Is it the lesbian wearing a shirt condemning Israel (the only middle east state where homosexuality is legal) and praising the Palestinians (who put lesbians to death)? Is it the fact that the city was founded on money to build the atomic bomb that voted to outlaw nuclear weapons? In the end this seemed the most representative picture:

Obama Kerry Stickers

Sixteen trillion dollars in debt and climbing, the United States government is handing $2,000,000,000 (that's two billion with a B) in loan guarantees to... South Africa. While the loan will then be used to buy tech from some American companies, this seems not just unconstitutional but pointlessly throwing money the US does not have to other nations which it has no real interest in.

Mafia boss Roberto Matalone evaded Italian police for two years, but was arrested recently when he went to the beach. Authorities spotted him and arrested the man while he was putting up a beach umbrella. Italian authorities claim the mob is responsible for 80% of the drug trafficking into Europe.

Mark Clayton is the Tennessee Democratic Party's nominee for the Senate. The party has disavowed their own candidate, claiming he belongs to a "hate group," and will not spend a dime to help him be elected. Clayton registered and ran as a Democrat because there wasn't really anyone running and he ran a largely non partisan campaign to win the nomination. A conservative Christian who donates to groups meant to help homosexuals fight their sexual urges, he is not really a Democrat in any sense these days. Yes, that's the hate group. A group that helps people to not sin is hateful, according to the Southern Poverty and Law Center.

According to Timothy Carney at the Washington Examiner, another economic bomb is due to go off soon. This time its the aircraft industry:
economically unstable commercial airlines around the world buy up fleets of jets that they cannot afford. But if airlines can't pay their bills to jet-makers, you get the tab, thanks to a U.S. government agency -- the Export-Import Bank of the United States -- that has dedicated three-fourths of its loan-guarantee dollars to backstopping sales for the Boeing Company.
In other words, its another sector of the economy allowed to do a terrible job of running their businesses and then told that they'll be protected by the US government. like the CRA and Fannie/Freddie, Republican congressmen tried to shut down this system but were stonewalled by "moderate" Republicans and typical Democrats.

James Lileks is a bit weary of the false dichotomy of science or religion:
Religion seeks the metaphysical truth to existence, and science explains the physical truth. The former is predicated on accepting the unprovable, and hence science is not its opposite. That’s the part I don’t get: the need to set up science as a contrapositive model. It’s like saying you shouldn’t want to see the Batman movie because the jetstream is dipping south and dragging cold moist Canadian air over the planes. Huh? I want to see Batman. But rain will be falling over most of the Dakotas. Why does that matter? It’s the Batman movie. The rain will be too late for the small grains, but may prepare the soil for next year. I think we’re talking about two different things.
Science and religion are not opposites, they deal with different areas. There is no conflict here until one tries to deal with the other's area; science trying to explain the origin of existence, or religion telling us how the solar system is constructed.

Time Magazine's Fareed Zakaria has supposedly been suspended by Time Magazine while they investigate the allegation that he plagiarized from New Yorker magazine. Time will put up with outright lies, slander, bias, and idiotic crap from its writers, but the one deadly sin of journalism is plagiarism. Steal from someone else's work and you're doomed.

Margaret Sanger's primary goal in life was to purify the human race and assist the process of evolution by selective breeding of peoples she viewed as being more evolved and advanced. Hence, she was a fan of Nazi aryan racial theories. And her legacy of killing off unwanted babies has taken its toll on black America, where 35% of the abortions in America take place, in a sector that's only 12% of the population. And for at least some abortionists, the Sanger legacy lives on a bit more literally, such as this heavy Democrat donor abortionist talking about how he aborts ugly black babies that he wouldn't want to adopt.

True the Vote is an activist group trying to make sure elections are as fraud-free and properly done as possible. They sent out notices to 160 counties across the United States such as in New York, Illinois, and New Mexico, where there are more people registered to vote than voting-age people living there. The "motor voter" bill requires voting rolls be cleaned up of dead, moved, and duplicate voters before any national election, but many states are reluctant to take this step - possibly fearing federal interference and lawsuits by the Obama administration such as Florida has had to deal with for trying to follow federal law.

Why does this matter so much, is it really a problem? Leftists argue that electoral fraud never happens, and when given proof insist that's so tiny its okay. Well in the 2008 Senate race in Minnesota, slightly humorous loser Al Franken won by 312 votes over scumbag bozo Norm Coleman. The problem? In that election 1099 felons voted, none of whom are legally allowed to vote in Minnesota elections. Since most of them voted Democrat, Franken won by illegal votes. Don't let anyone fool you: we wall want Voter ID to help fight this kind of crap.

Occupy is still sort of out there, stinking up various places with tiny, miserable protests. And the Obama administration told Portland, Oregon's General Services Administration to not arrest Occupy protesters last year, according to a new report. The report was confirmed by emails and statements in the Department of Homeland Security, and one has to wonder whether the same thing was told to other cities? I can't imagine Portland was the only one.

Leftists and Democrats (but I repeat myself) insist that the present economic misery in America was caused by President Bush, banks, and Wall Street. They got together and plotted to ruin everything, cackling and hoping they could tie some widows to a railroad track next, to hear leftists tell the tale. However, a new report by the Federal Reserve says that's all the nonsense I'm portraying it as.
A moderate recession became a major recession in summer 2008 when the [Federal Open Market Committee] ceased lowering the federal funds rate while the economy deteriorated. The central empirical fact of the 2008-2009 recession is that the severe declines in output that in appeared in the [second quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009] … had already been locked in by summer 2008.
Basically the report notes that the US and other nation's central banking systems sat on their hands as things got worse and that made matters much worse. Government, what can't it do? Keep that in mind next time you hear Obama say it was Bush policies and Republicans (not in power in congress at the time) who caused it all.

Another business being harmed by Obama: Krause's Deli in Cincinnati, Ohio. They were in the background of one of Obama's campaign ads and begged the president's election team to fog their name or remove them from the ad. Why? Because they're being told by customers that they won't be back because of the deli being in the ad, which they did not ask to have happen nor were consulted about. Again: politicizing food? But this doesn't bode well for the Obama reelection chances if Cincy folks are that annoyed at Obama.

Seaside Park New Jersey has a poison ivy problem. The stuff is itchy and uncomfortable, and its a problem for a tourist town. They are trying to avoid poisons and pesticides, which would probably violate various state and federal environmental laws, and would make the local hippies weep, so they are looking for an alternative plan: a herd of goats. Goats love the stuff and aren't bothered in the slightest - we had some and they would munch down poison oak like it was candy. Plus, goats are pretty friendly, nice critters. Unfortunately goats aren't very discerning, so getting them to eat only the poison ivy and none of the other plants is a bit of a challenge.

Finally, there are a series of lawsuits and federal discrimination claims being filed against Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security. The men there claim that several female hires by Napolitano to run the agency are man hating witches who made their lives miserable. I don't know if any of that is true, but its hardly implausible. I've heard some real horror stories of jobs when a woman is hired who likes women and thinks men are horrid oppressors who have to be put in their place. The details and complaints are pretty specific and common between the various guys. Of course its not very manly to run to court to whine a woman was mean to you....

And that's the Word Around the Net for August 10, 2012.

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