Monday, August 06, 2012


"Make no mistake, we will close Guantanamo prison, which has damaged our national security interests and become a tremendous recruiting tool for al-Qaeda."
-Candidate Barack Oboama

Candidate Obama in 2008 was insistent that the Guantanamo Bay prisoner of war camp (called "detention facility") was a blight on human rights, an endless evil, and an example of President Bush's war crimes. He repeatedly, specifically, and vigorously stated that one of the first things he'd do is shut it down, to wildly enthusiastic crowds.

Well when elected, President Obama signed an order saying "we're going to shut Guantanamo Bay down" and that's as far as it went. For a few months, they went through the motions of giving excuses or saying that it would happen soon (January 2010 was the last specific promise), but it just hasn't ever happened.

And that's good. Guantanamo Bay might give the left the vapors, but it is a good thing and we need it. Here's one example why, from Paul Mirengoff at Power Line:
Ali Mussa Daqduq, a Lebanese militant, has been held in Iraq for the 2007 killings of five American soldiers, four of whom were captured, tortured and shot execution-style. But now the Iraqi central criminal court has ordered that Daqduq be freed immediately.
Why? Because the Obama administration left Daqduq in Iraqi custody instead of putting him in Guantanamo Bay. The Iraqi courts dropped the charges against him and refused to turn him over to the Americans, setting him free.

Gitmo seems awful if you listen to all the complaints by the terrorists in it, or if you're dumb enough like Durbin to see someone who stages a show and believe them, but objectively its not a bad place, for a prison. Yeah it sucks to be in jail instead of out hacking the heads off of infidels, if you're a bad guy. Its never fun to be imprisoned. But they get exercise, a good diet, regular medical care, religious ceremonies, reading material, movies and TV, and so on. As jails go, its not bad - especially compared to the ones back in their homelands.

I think what happened to President Obama is that he was full of ideas and leftist beliefs based on the tales of horrors from terrorists and their allies, but learned something else when he got into office. As president he learned that the place wasn't that bad, found out how horrific these guys really are, what they were up to when caught, what we've learned, and how there's just nowhere else to put them.

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Daran said...

More likely he realized that the people who are so upset about Guatanamo Bay are going to vote for him anyways, and news reports of Americans being killed by terrorists he released would hurt his re-election chances.
Most Democrats showed very clearly during the Bush presidency that scoring political points us more important to them than saving American (or Iraqi, Afghan, etc) lives.