Friday, August 03, 2012


"You’re always going to have people... who don’t do things that are proper and make mistakes"

Panic makes bad policy. One of the most annoying things that happened after 9/11 is the change to a federally controlled body of security at airports. Why did this take place? The men who highjacked the planes did not do so because of a lack of sufficient security, they didn't slip through in some special manner, proper procedure was followed. There probably should have been tighter guidelines on box cutters, but that's it.

But for some people, the proper solution to every and any problem is "more government involvement" and that's what we got. The Transportation Safety Agency, or TSA. And they're good enough for government work. There's not a single person who travels by air who thinks these guys are anything but awful. Everyone hates the security mess at airports, everyone hates the grope downs and "random" checks.

And the TSA has been just plain ghastly. They have not yet caught a terrorist attempt, its always been some passenger or other customer that got them, never the TSA. From stories of little girls sobbing as some TSA creep gropes her body to folks going through practically naked to deliberately shame these people, the tales are just awful.

A priest defrocked for molesting children got hired on at the TSA
Example after example of children being terrified and "patted down" are easy to find in the news.
An 18 month old baby was confused with a name on the "no fly" list and pulled off a plane.
Henry Kissinger was patted down in case he was a terrorist.

Stories of sleeping on the job, stealing from luggage, deliberately pulling beautiful women to "pat down" search, and buying screening equipment they don't bother to use are all across the internet. Two TSA agents were fired and arrested for taking bribes to let drug smugglers on a plane.

The agency is a disaster, was never necessary in the first place, is a huge expense, and has accomplished nothing but slowing transportation and making people miserable. The Obama administration implemented the full body groping search and despite continual outrage and anger at this, has refused to even consider changing the policy. It has not yet found a single terrorist or problem for a plane. Not once.

But it has helped a lot of TSA agents get their jollies. Attractive women have come forward in large numbers noting that they keep being "randomly" pulled out of line for some sweaty TSA agent to feel up while barely concealing a grin. This has just got to stop, period. One of the firsts thing Romney should do when president, should he win, is to sign an executive order reversing this insulting, violating, and useless policy and work to remove the TSA entirely.

At their worst, the previous airport security was at least as good as these government bozos.

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