Tuesday, August 28, 2012


"Just let it go!!!"

Shark Jumping
Its sad to me that so often television can't seem to keep the quality up. There are several shows I used to watch and enjoy that I just don't care for any longer. It seems like 3 seasons is about the limit before they either run low on ideas or have played out their main storyline and are just filling in to make a few more bucks before being canceled.

Take Burn Notice. This was a brilliant, entertaining show. Not only was the premise interesting, but the main character is very well acted and the style was fascinating. Throw in great secondary characters and you have a winner. Except over the last few seasons its gotten less and less watchable, and even the "spy tip" voiceovers have gone from fun and interesting to annoying and lame. Once our spy regained his status, the show was basically over. Now they're just plugging in idiotic, contrived storylines just to keep him in the area against all reason and character. Let it die.

The Glades took even less time. I never liked the main love interest girl, and instead of being something that failed, they're dragging it out endlessly to keep a romantic conflict going far beyond any plausible value. The first season presented a very interesting, engaging main character, then they abandoned what made him interesting and have focused instead on the romance with hackneyed, poorly crafted mysteries on various Florida location themes just to keep the semblance of a cop show going.

White Collar
still keeps me interested, but they've sort of lost their way as well. The main story arc - the missing treasure - is over, and was bizarrely unresolved. The last season ended very interestingly, but was resolved in what was probably the most unsatisfying two episode waste I've ever seen. What should have taken an entire season to resolve was thrown together in a sad contrivance and its back to normal again, for no apparent reason. And to make matters worse, the show has become an endless Very Special Episode with longing after lost parents and wanting to find out who they are by learning about their past. Mozzie weeping because his parents didn't love him was beyond my endurance. And the teaser for the next episode? Mozzie with a baby dressed like him.

It just seems like these writers lose their focus, or have only limited ideas and then scramble to fill in. Just let them go. Once you finish your main story, drop it. End the show, and next time you have a story again, start it up once more. BBC does this all the time, instead of running eternal shows they will stop at the end of a story arc. Don't drag it out to everyone's misery until your main character is in a leather jacket waterskiing over a shark because Jaws is popular.


Unknown said...

Oh man, din't get me started on this one.

Anonymous said...

So true about Burn Notice. Started watching season 5 and it's just "meh..."