Wednesday, August 29, 2012


As I've been seriously struggling with my health lately (I'm doing better, just need a lot of rest) I've been having a hard time getting content up on my blog. I just stare at the page blankly and feel like an idiot. So here's some art for a book I've been trying to work on as I lie in bed hours every day. They're images for my Fantasy Hero Bestiary, mostly monsters for the player characters to fight in a Fantasy Role Playing Game.

I have been updating my work to 6th edition rules for Hero System and there's thousands of pages to work on. At least it keeps me fairly busy. So here are some monsters to consider.

Dryad Combat FormTerror
Fox Clan Beastman

Walrus Clan Beastman
Rat Clan Beastma

All images copyright Christopher Taylor and Kestrel Arts blah blah blah people will copy and use them anyway.

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