Thursday, August 23, 2012


"But lets talk about Akin some more!"

When Joe Biden implied Republicans want to throw blacks back into slavery with his "chains" comment, it got a fair amount of media attention, largely in the form of "will he stay as VP?" When Todd Akin said his awkward, foolishly-worded statement, the press has gone berserk. Its been covered very heavily, trumping almost every other story that could be covered. Many blogs have fixated on this story, day after day with post after post on the same subject. I've stopped reading several temporarily at least because of this. We get it.

The coverage Biden got was closer to how it ought to have been done by the press. The coverage of Aiken is deliberate fixation on a story that the legacy media believes can damage Republicans and help Democrats gain office. So they're hammering it with everything they've got. After all, a Democrat majority in the Senate is at stake.

But what else is going on around the world? Surely something is happening other than this story, right?

Doug Ross offers a few stories of greater significance that are being given very slight or minor note:
Other stuff is going on, and a lot of it is cause for some alarm. Who is elected president next year matters a great deal; how will they deal with it, who will be better at the job? You can go back to fixating on a Senate race in Missouri again.

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