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"Brawley has been the victim of some unspeakable crime. No matter how she got there. No matter who did it to her and even if she did it to herself."

It was May in 1992 when Azalea Cooley said that vandals had spray-painted a swastika and "Burn, Nigger, Burn" on her house. Cooley, a black 40 year old former corrections officer won instant support from those living in the Portland, Oregon area. The mayor, the Police Bureau, the Urban League, the Anti-Bigotry Coalition, the Metropolitan Human Rights Commission all expressed their outrage and fury at the hate crime, and it was on the national news.
She claimed to get threatening letters. A black doll with a .38 bullet in its forehead was found on her porch. Swastikas painted on the property and finally a burning cross was found in her yard. Chris Woodgate writes in Willamette Week:
On Nov. 1, supporters held a rally to "Take a Stand Against Hate," which began with a spiritual "wombing," after which Azalea, in her wheelchair, led a throng of 500 protesters in a march across the Hawthorne Bridge to Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Those protesters had no idea that a secret police videotape from that very morning showed a woman with close-cropped hair step past her wheelchair, stick a wooden cross in a flower pot on her back porch, and set it alight.

It was Azalea.

When detectives confronted her with the evidence, she slashed her wrists and was hospitalized. A week later, she penned a handwritten note, confessing that the incidents had been staged, and admitting that she didn't have cancer or need a wheelchair.
As Woodgate puts it: black woman in a wheelchair? She was the perfect victim. Nobody even questioned her claims. And it was all lies, from start to finish. She was the first fake hate crime victim I remember hearing about, although there had been plenty invented to demonize the south in the past. As if the lynchings and church burnings weren't bad enough, people invented more to make the civil rights struggles more dramatic and horrible, I suppose.

I'm actually having a hard time remembering the last valid 'hate crime' even assuming the category has the slightest shred of credibility. It doesn't of course, its just a crime. Only Big Brother type tyrants would insist on making a crime worse based on the bigotry of the perpetrator. As if killing someone is not as bad because you failed to harbor some special bigotry.

The litany of fake hate crimes, of course, is long and pathetic. Here's a quick rundown of the faked hate crimes of our times in years past:

  • 1987 and perhaps the most infamous. Tawana Brawley claimed she was abducted by white cops and raped. She said she had "KKK," "nigger," and "bitch" scrawled on her body with charcoal and was left to die in garbage. It turned out she made the whole thing up, although she claims to this day it really happened - and many blacks believe her, including apparently Spike Lee. Brawley converted to Islam.
  • 1997, a black doll is found hanging from a tree, with the note "Duke Hasn't Changed" at Duke University. Black students did it.
  • In 1989 Morton Downey jr was losing his popularity and facing cancellation of his show, and he showed up with a swastika painted on his forehead. He said it happened in an airport, and that Skinheads had done it. The Swastika was painted backward, like it had been done in a mirror, and there were no skinheads in the area. It was all invention.
  • 1998, a lesbian student at St Cloud University Minnesota claims she was beaten and called slurs by white men, later admitting she made it up.
  • 1998, University of Georgia, a man claims he'd had nine separate incidents of hateful attacks and later admitted that he had made it all up.
  • In 1998, a black man claimed to have been dragged behind a truck in Louisiana. Later it was revealed he'd just been beaten unmercifully in a drug deal that went bad.
  • 2001, Arab student at Arizona State University claims he was pelted with eggs and called racial slurs, later admits he faked it. Almost every alleged hate crime or slur against Muslims and Arabs that year ended up being faked or exaggerated.
  • 2003, a Bethel College student has his truck vandalized with racial slurs and threats, and later admits he did it himself to highlight the lack of college action against racism.
  • 2004, University of Louisville starts to spot white supremacist literature distributed around campus. As outrage builds, it is revealed that black students are doing it, claiming it was to highlight racial insensitivity.
  • 2005, bizarre slogans such as "oxen scrotum juice" and obscenely scrawled vandalism began showing up on the campus of College of Wooster, Illinois. Calls for white frat boys and "typical white males" to be removed from campus raise, until a group of tree hugging hippies admit they did it and it was dumb. They are forgiven immediately and allowed back into campus the next year.
  • 2005, black Trinity International University professor Alicia Hardin claims that hate mail is being sent to non-white students in her classroom. The school district relocated the students to a hotel at city expense, until it was revealed that she had been sending the mail.
  • 2006, Fallon Illinois. Threatening letters signed "KKK" are sent to town officials. The letters threaten to burn down homes of blacks in the area if they don't move. It turns out a black guy sent all the letters, possibly to generate sympathy.
  • 2006, Duke Lacrosse players are accused of raping a stripper at their party. The school immediately publishes a letter of condemnation and everyone assumes the rich blue bloods are guilty. Eventually its revealed that the stripper is also a prostitute stoned out of her gourd who keeps changing her story and the entire tale is a lie. In the end, the prosecutor who tried to railroad the boys and the stripper are the ones who end up in prison.
  • 2007, George Washington University. Sarah Marshak reports that she was being harassed by having swastikas drawn on her dorm room door. A hidden camera catches her drawing them herself.
  • 2007, Baltimore Maryland. A rope and the drawing of a noose is discovered in a fire station by a black firefighter. It turns out the man planted them himself to claim discrimination in the station and possibly help in his tests to become a paramedic.
  • 2007, Anoka Minnesota. A burning cross is discovered on a white man's lawn, much to his dismay. Later it is revealed that a black neighbor had planted it, seeking "money and sympathy," unhappy that he was the only black man in the area.
  • Fake Flyer2007, George Washinton University woke to find posters from the college conservative group stating "Hate Muslims? SO DO WE!" It turns out Muslims hung the posters and the conservative group had nothing to do with it.
  • 2007, Madonna Constantine finds a noose on her Columbia University office door. Under investigation for perjury, the noose story conveniently buried her troubles and turned her into a victim... until it was found she hung the noose and was fired.
  • 2007, Penn State football player Langston Carraway was found stabbed to death. The word "nigger" was painted in blood on the ground next to him. Black leaders were furious, and built up toward a riot until it was revealed that Carraway was a pot dealer who was killed by a fellow black student for money to pay for a tat.
  • 2010, University of California San Diego, a noose is found hanging above a desk. Outrage and condemnation from the governor on down to campus groups explodes. Later, an anonymous note from a self-proclaimed minority student says it was an error, that she was playing around with rope making lasso then a noose and hung it and forgot about it.
  • 2010, Happy Valley Oregon where an Asian family finds racial slurs and threats spray painted on their house, warning them to leave. It turns out the 16 year old son in the family did it.
Then, of course, there's the Zimmerman/Martin case where a man is attacked, defends himself, and is labeled a racist hate-filled white murderer, despite being a Hispanic who fights for black civil rights.  And the Ferguson case where a thieving stoned hulking gang banger robs a convenience store, roughs up the store owner, walks down the middle of the street and attacks cops, then is shot.  And the press goes wild with theories and accounts from people who weren't even there and the "expertise" of a man not qualified to even attempt an autopsy.

And on it goes. Note the density of these fakes in the last two years, particularly this year. Almost as if people are trying very hard to portray racism as a serious problem - one specifically stated he did it to influence the election. Instead of promoting racial harmony, President Obama has starkly been the figurehead in an era of much worsening racial strife, much of it caused by blacks themselves.

Its obvious what the problems of faked hate are, but less obvious is the apparently increasing density of fakes. Either we're seeing them being reported on more, or there are a lot more being perpetrated, which seems more likely to me. After all, if you get attention, praise, and support for the fakes, that's a lot of motivation to attempt one.

How many are being gotten away with? Few, I'd hope. But what is it we're told by anti-capital punishment folks? You can't have that law because of the few innocent ones that don't get found out?

You notice almost all of these are on college campuses, which is hardly surprising. A college campus is probably the most deliberately diverse, carefully multicultural, and PC place in the world, and students are practically bombarded with the messages of hateful white people, bigotry they haven't faced but are told is everywhere, and themes of majority tyranny. Small surprise this kind of thing shows up there, where weaker wills are swayed by professors into idiotic acts to make some kind of point.

And in the end, the real victims are the truth and the culture at large.

The Faux Hate Crime series continues here:


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He's later cleared in an ethics investigation, proving his point of unequal treatment.


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